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Mutant Mass


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Mutant Mass


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Mutant Mass

Mutant Mass is a serious calorie-dense formula, designed with only hard working athletes in mind, who demand power, size and strength

Mutant Mass

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This is the ultimate new, re-formulated lean muscle gainer you've been waiting for! Mutant Mass is a serious calorie-dense formula, designed with only hard working athletes in mind, who demand power, absolute size and all out strength. If you are serious about gaining slabs of lean muscle mass, faster than ever, then Mutant Mass is the answer.

Mutant Mass was developed following several years of research and is based on sound, proven science. More importantly though, the finished Mutant Mass formula was also tested in the gym, where it was put through its paces by real life bodybuilders and strength athletes.

Mutant Mass is all about gaining rock hard muscle - and lots of it! Building muscle requires the right protein mix to expand the muscle tissue and repair it fast. The protein must also be spared from being wasted for the body's energy needs, while the muscle also requires massive infusions of clean calories to replace glycogen used up during training. Digestion, absorption, triggering calorie uptake and manipulating protein sequencing - the Mutant Mass formula takes all that into account and hits a home run like nothing else you've ever tried!

With every conceivable form of the highest-quality proteins available, healthy “fat burning” fats and low GI, slow-burning carbs and gut healthy fibres, this is truly the most thoughtfully-designed lean mass gainer formula in the history of bodybuilding!
Container Size: 260g
Serving Size: 4 scoops (260g)
Servings Per Container: 1

Container Size: 2.2kg
Serving Size: 4 scoops (260g)
Servings Per Container: 8

Container Size: 6.8kg
Serving Size: 4 scoops (260g)
Servings Per Container: 26

Amount Per Serving:

Total Calories: 1060
Protein: 52g
Total Carbohydrates: 182g
-Sugars: 38g
-Dietary Fiber: 8g
Fat: 14g
-Saturates: 8g
-Trans Fat: 0.1g
Cholesterol: 90mg
Sodium: 580mg
Potassium: 1070mg


Waxy Maize (Waxy Corn) Starch, Maltodextrin, Whey Protein Concentrate and Protein Matrix (Whey Protein Concentrates, Milk Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein, Calcium Caseinate, Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Modified Milk Ingredients, Egg Albumen), Cocoa, Defatted Soybean (Thickener), MCT Oil Powder (Coconut Oil, Corn Syrup Solids, Sodium Caseinate, Mono and Diglycerides, Dipotassium Phosphate, Silicon Dioxide; May Contain Tricalcium Phosphate, Soy Lethicin, Tocopherols, Sodium Aluminosilicate), Dextrose (Monohydrate), Waxy Barley Starch, Glutamine Peptide (from Wheat Protein), Guar Gum and/or Xanthan Gum, Sunflower Seed Oil, Fructose, Vanillin, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Sucralose (135 MG/260 G), Cinnamon Powder, Cinnamon Extract (Cinnulin PF® Brand), Inulin, Flax Seed Powder, Colostrum, Whole Oat Powder, Soya Lecithin.

Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours.
Shake or mix 4 scoops of Mutant Mass with 480-960mL of water or milk. You can also enjoy 2 or even 3 shakes a day. Our favourite way is to drink one shake first thing in the morning, a second immediately after training; or simply enjoy your shakes whenever you want an extra shot of protein.
Reviews (74)

"Love Mutant Mass! Ordered it - great service! No probs with digestion, I take 1/2 a serving 1 hr before training and 1/2 a serving directly after. I also add 5g of creatine too. Chocolate and cookies and cream tastes great. Can't fault at all."

Posted by mark  (16th July 2014)


"For me this product is mint, I bought chocolate flavour. Good choice and excellent solubility and of course the weight gain."

Posted by Tomasz Chudzio  (12th May 2014)


"Just bought two bags of this must say it tastes nice an at a good price to with free next day delivery bargin let me know if I can get better deals on more bags"

Posted by Gary Marshall  (22nd March 2014)


"Do not take this product if you are lactose intolerant. You will get very bad gas, and also sometimes and upset stomach and toilet trouble. To me it don't taste that well. Would love to get a refund as I can't even finish the bag. Nightmare!!"

Posted by Chris  (3rd March 2014)


"This is the third time I buy this bag of protein, the chocolate flavour taste good, I don't feel bad after drinking it and the shaker from the same brand is Bad Ass :)

Comment written from Belgium"

Posted by Anon  (18th October 2013)

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Q when i first bought it had the same nutritional values as advertised on the website, however, i have bought it more recently and it had 10grams of saturated fat per serving. can you please confirm this data for me? thanks

Yes, the new version of Mutant Mass contains MCT oil, which is technically a saturated fat. Although it is not metabolised by the body as a fat at all and more like a carbohydrate. This is the reason for the higher sat fat content. Thank you for pointing this out and we will change it on the website.

Q been recommended this weight gainer as i have a fast motablism but the texure and gloopyness is off putting, what would you recommend for me which will give me top quality muscle and size with couple of scoop servings

Gloopy? Mutant mass mixes up quite thin. Are you mixing 2 scoops in 500ml of water in a blender or blender bottle?

Do not take the recommended 4 scoop serving as this is way to much for the body to digest and break down in one serving. Plus this will mix very thick and heavy and around 800ml of water will be needed to get a decent consistency.

Take 2 scoops twice per day in 500ml of water.

Q can i take this product with gakic hardcore

Yes, see my previous answer...

Q Could i add tuna to my protein shake for added muscle gains? If not any other suggestions i could add for added protein?

You CAN but the flavour will be "interesting".

Q Could i stack this with Nitro and Cell for some serious weight/muscle gains?


Q Do you guys sell the new Mutant Mass bags (4 sided)

We will be having the new package design in stock soon though we are unsure of exactly when this will be, currently.

Q does this product containing banned substances in sport such as testosterone?

No this is a fine supplement to take and does not contain any bands substances.

Q ey up ! im just starting a 6.8kg pack of mutant mass i want to gain lots of muscle and hardly any fat ! what intake of Mutant mass should i take ? cheers connor

You will always gain some fat when you are gaining unless you just started training or you have extremely fortunate genetics. To minimize fat gains, start with 2 scoops (1/2 serving) twice daily and then adjust that up or down depending upon whether you gain more or less than 1/2 kilo per week after the first two weeks.

So aim for a gain of 1 kg and if you go over, cut back by 1 scoop or decrease food intake slightly. If you gain less than 1/2 kg then increase by 1 scoop per day. Also, add a teaspoon of creatine powder to each shake for faster gains in lean muscle and strength.

Q Hello i am intrested in getting a weight gainer, i was 14st, and i managed to lose 2st, but i want to bulk up with out putting inches aound my waist or thighs!

You have to decide whether you desire more muscle OR less body fat. To gain mass at the fastest rate, you have to eat lots of calories. Then, when you have gained the muscle, you can change your focus towards losing fat. If you try to gain muscle without putting on any fat, you are unlikely to be very successful. For the best advice on this, read the article -
Mutant Mass is our best-selling gainer, when taken with creatine, it leads to very fast muscle and strength gains.

Q hello i take mutant mass but would like to start taking mutant cre-12 can they be taken together and if so what is the best way?
and what one would be best to take straight after a workout??

Yes, fine to take these together. Take a 1/2 serving (2 scoops) of Mutant followed immeiately by a serving of Cre-X 12

Q hello mate would there be any "slight" gains if i took one scoop twice a day for how ever long the bag lasted?. in terms of muscle + fat gains? just looking to gain abit of weight realy quick and would like to know if some other product can do so very quickly within 2 weeks. ( i am already taking whey protein )

To produce muscle growth and weight gain you need to be over eating your daily intake of calories by around 500-1000 extra calories per day. If you find it very easy to gain weight then you may see “slight” gains off one scoop twice per day. We would recommend you take a 2 scoop serving twice per day as the gains would be much quicker on a high calorie based diet.

Q Hello Tropicana ,
I am lactose intolerant and I really want to use this product. Does it contain lactose? Will it affect my sensitive stomach?

Mutant Mass doesn't list its lactose content, so impossible to say but it is probably less than 5 or 10 grams per full serving (although most people take a half serving twice daily). This is low considering the high protein and calorie content. As most gainers don't list their lactose content, you will have to find one that has a low sugar content (as lactose is a sugar and therefore it can't exceed the amount of sugar listed on the label). Generally, most people who are lactose intolerant can handle a gram or more of lactose without any ill effects but this depends upon the severity of your condition.
There is no way of knowing if any product will affect your stomach as sensitivity to various products is unique to each individual.

Q Hello! I have been using mutant mass for a while now. I would like to congratulate and thank the manufacturer and supplier because this product is really reliable. I usually use mutant mass just after my training as a post workout supplement and just before going to bed on training days. Other wise on non training days, I mix it in my drinks like milk or milkshake. I wanted to know whether I can use mutant mass as a pre workout supplement as well? And if yes, how do I use it? Dosage and timing please? Thanks

You are probably better off taking a proper pre-workout product and/or eating a meal with some protein and low-GI carbs 1 to 3 hours before training. But you could use the Mutant as a meal but NOT a full serving. Try 2 scoops 1 to 2 hours pre-training to start and monitor whether it affects your energy levels...everyone is different and you may get on fine with this.

Q Hello! My name is kevin. I am 24, 6ft and 81 kg. I have been taking mutant mass for like 3 months now. I train 3 times/week and I have put on 11 kg in 3 months. My dosage are on training days 3 scoops mutant mass just after training and 2 scoops at night before going to bed + 1 pHD flapjack protein bar. On non training days I take only 1 flapjack bar. I have put on like 11 kg in 3 months and grown quite big and muscular but also put on loads of fats around my waist. My question is how would I be able to reduce this fat?? Is there something wrong in my mutant mass intake (should i reduce it?). Regards

This comes down to your diet and your genetics (some people put on fat more easily). However, any "gaining" phase causes fat gain because calorie intake must be higher than calorie expenditure. Pro bodybuilders do the same and then after their gaining phase they shed the fat. You have gained a lot of weight quite quickly and this tends to cause more fat gain. You should adjust your Mutant Mass intake so that you gain about 1/2 to 1 kg per week, so less of the gains are as fat. The main thing is that you will have gained substantial muscle and at some point you will probably want to go into a cutting phase and lose the fat, at which point you'll be much more muscular than before.

Q Hello, does the Mutant Mass bag contain a scoop?



Q Hello, I brought this product 2 weeks ago and as it says 4 scoop per serving yea then as I take serving after gym at first time I got direaha in dt day I add 1 tea spoon creatin the 1 from our brand tropicana and next day I tried without creatine and add only 2 scoop per serving coz I got direaha, that was after gym later after 1 hour of serving I been keep on farting swear down whole night I was farting. It's been 2 week I still keep on martin afta serving is there any problem with my mutant mass but test is great.. Guys help me out plz

Q hey, im thinking of buying this product , i have reached a bit of a plateau in my gains , there only very slight now, im using cell tech and a peptide protein supplement , i just dont want to put too much 'dead' weight on if you know what i mean, or have a bloated look on my body , am i choosing the right product? thanks

To break through plateaus, sometimes the only way to start growing again is to jack up your calories and accept that the fastest way to gain muscle is extra calories and that means you will probably gain some fat. If you are not gaining any weight on a weekly basis, it is very doubtful that you are building any significant muscle. So split your training and diet into "gaining phases" and "cutting phases" just like the pros do. So, in short, Mutant Mass may be the best answer for you - it is certainly the most popular mass gainer in Britain and we get tons of satisfied customers who use it.

Q Hi
I'm looking to bulk up, but have a really hard time keeping weight on. I've tried loads of weight gainers with poor results.
I've just brought a load of stuff from you lot.
I'm stacking nano vapour - then after after workout nitro - then halo. But I find cell teck too much for my gut to handle. So can I mix a spoonfull BSN cell mass with my mutant mass

Yes, you can mix Cell Mass with Mutant Mass (not sure about the taste aspect though?). It sounds to me like you are not eating enough calories. Some guys need 4000-6000 calories per day to make good gains, so find the level of calories that results in a gain of 1 to 2 kilos per week. If you don't hit that target, increase your food and/or Mutant Mass serving size or frequency.

Q Hi guys at the moment i take this product 3 times a day (morning, after workout, before bed) and use 3 scoops... however if i was to have this with Cell-Tech and Nitro-Tech should i still use the mutant mass? if so how should i consume each product daily? thanks a lot

As I said before, unless you can get the same amount of quality calories and protein that you were getting from the Mutant from normal food (which could be quite difficult), then you won't make as good gains.

Q Hi guys do you recommend taking tren bomb whilst i'm on mutant mass? i've been told it helps add strength gains and muscle? cheers

Tren Bomb is an illegal steroid supplement (it is illegal to sell it) with the same potential for side effects as real steroids - actually it has a greater potential for side effects because it hasn't been through proper testing like pharmaceutical steroids. It has also never been shown to increase muscle mass or strength. If that weren't enough, we get quite a few reports of bad acne, hair loss and oily skin from people who have used this product.
You are much better off adding creatine. It has had over 3000 scientific studies and several expert safety reviews that have determined that it is both effective and safe (it has no side effect outside of gains in muscle and strength).

Q Hi guys how does this sound: in morning nitro tech and cell tech, then just before training cell tech, after training nitro tech, then before bed mutant mass?

Q Hi guys if i stack this with creatine, would you recommend me literally just adding it to my shakes throughout the day? or should i have it just after training?

YEs, add it to shakes.

Q hi guys... is the mutant mass 6.8kg actualy 7.7 on offer at the mo? an the usn hardcore whey 2kg (2.5 on offer?? thnx chris

Yes, they both come with extra at the moment.

Q hi i wanted to ask when should this be taken without taking too much, as i gain fat easily, for instace wether i should take it in the morning or pre workouts and how please specify thanks alot.

Take a half serving (2 scoops) twice per day to start, with one serving immediately after training. Take the other serving in the morning. On non-training days, have one in the morning and the other between meals - the earlier in the day, the better. The rest of your meals should be small and often and high in protein to stay lean.

Q Hi i'd like some general advice please on what weight i should be at. I've just turned 18, am about 6'1 and weight just over 13 stone, and i want to become quite bulky and well bulit, what weight would you reccomend i aspire to? many thanks

It depends upon your definition of "big". Depending upon your bodytype, at 6'1", you could look quite muscular at 13 stone if you are very lean. By professional bodybuilding standards, at 6'1", you'd want to weigh 20 stone ripped. Realistically, if you were lean at 15 stone, you'd certainly be considered muscular but it totally depends how lean and muscular you are now. You'd probably want to bulk up to about 16 or more stone and then diet down. A good rule of thumb is that to gain and keep 1 stone of muscle, you'd have to gain "at least" 2 stone (but again this depends heavily on genetics and natural levels of muscle). Either way, you're looking at our best-selling weight gainer. For an excellent article on gaining mass, read -
Also, ensure your training is optimum for mass gains by reading -

Q Hi i'm 17 years old, 6"1 in height and weigh 12 stone.

I'd just like to know what is the best protein drink to have to help repair my muscles quickly and grow back stronger, as i go gym 5 times a week, so obviously one that can quickly repair damaged tissue, and one that can really put on good quality weight and muscle, thanks a lot

If you're looking to gain weight and recover best from exercise, you're on the right track - Mutant Mass is our best weight gainer and will help you recover from exercise and gain muscle. Take 2 scoops (1/2 serving) of Mutant Mass twice per day with a heaping teaspoon of creatine. On training days, take one of these servings right after training. If you're trying to gain weight, you can increase the dosage (to 3 scoops) or the number of servings until you are gaining 1 or 2 kilos per week.

To get maximum results, read the articles below - for essential info on weight gainers

See the article - - for the best advice on Post-Workout supplementation.

Q Hi im muslim and with Ramadhan coming up, i need a shake to keep me pumping with slow protiens. Will be taking early in morning before sunrise and will be fasting for around 18hours aday. Any suggestions of the best slow burning carbs or protien. Many thanks... Cheers


You might want to try Optimum Nutrition Natural Whey & Oats 1.3kg, £32.99, which contains slow-release carbohydrates, quality whey proteins and dietary fibre.

I hope you find this suggestion useful.

Q Hi mate i been using this product for about two weeks now. I usually take this item first thing in the morning and straight after my workout. Would i still need to take whey protein or just stick with item after my workout. I currently weigh just over 10 half stone and 5ft 10 tall. Am looking to put on atleast two stones on. Can you tell whens the best time to take this product what other supplements would i need to take for muscle grow. thanks

Mutant mass can be taken any time of the day or night. Personally I add in a whey protein morning afternoon and night so i can add in some extra quality calories. Best time to use Mass Gainers and protein shakes is in between solid meals. there are many different products that can help gain weight and size. Creatine products, especially PVL Cre-X12 or Cell-Tech are fantastic products to stack with Mutant Mass if your looking for fast, solid muscle gains and strength gains.

Q hi my name is danny, im 18 and i have a very fast matabolism and ive been on something like 17 diets and this is how fast my matabolism is i put on a stone in 1 week and lost it in 2 days. would this be ideall for me ? and what else could i add to the mutant mass to help add even more weight becuase im 8 stone and im 5ft 10 under the BMI and plus im in the army and i need to put on weight as much as i can:D thanks

Mutant Mass is our best-selling (and best-performing) weight gainer product. So definitly get some - take 2 to 3 scoops 2 to 3 times per day (start off with 2 scoops twice daily and increase until you are gaining at the desired rate). The next best weight gainer is creatine monohydrate. You can buy the Tropicana brand (which is high-quality and at a good price) and add a teaspoon to each serving of Mutant Mass - this should result in very good gains in size and strength. If you prefer tablets, we recommend Creakic or Creadex - take one serving with each serving of Mutant Mass.
See the article - to most effectively use weight gainers.

Q hi on the nutritional value it states that it has 18g of fat per serving just wanted to ask how many of these fat are good fat and how many are bad thanks

This product is only 7% fat (recommendations are to eat about 30% fat - depending upon what kind of diet you are on). About 15% of the calories are from fat. Of those, just under half are from flax (a source of essential fatty acids) and MCTs - mostly good fats.

Q Hi there i have been using this product for about a month training on average about 4 times a week and ive noticed i great difference in size! What would be the best sort of creatine to use this product with for better results????

Cheers Carl

We recommend taking either one heaping teaspoon of powdered creatine monohydrate or Creadex or Creakic tablets) with your two servings of Mutant Mass per day (take one of the servings just after workouts on workout days unless you are already taking a post-workout product).

After weight gainers & protein products, creatine is the most important supplement for mass and strength gains.

See the article - to most effectively use weight gainers.

see - for essential info to get the best results from creatine.

Q Hi there. I'm 21 and looking to add some more size I am 6ft tall and weigh in at around 102kg. My bodyfat is about 10-12% and id like to keep close to that. Would you recommend this product to add more size or to stack it with another product eg preworkout, creating etc I currently take phd pharma whey ht and amino x. Thanks for your help!!

This product is good for adding more size however it is heavy on the calories so if you are consuming enough calories during the day then potentially look at using a half serving to one full serving daily to add between 500-1000 calories to your calorie intake for the day. After this you weigh assess your "weight gain" feeling softer then drop the calories a bit, maybe not much change then increase slightly.

Q Hi when comsuming this product is it better to add creatine to it? if so to every shake i have? i have 3 shakes a day, 1 in morning 1 after workout 1 before bed, or would i just need it have it in the morning? thanks

To start, add a teaspoon to each shake and then you can take it down to 1 teaspoon in one shake on non-training days and 2 on training days.

Q hi whens the best time to have mutant mass. And secondly should you have whey after training or can you have this product after training instead.

Mutant Mass can be taken any time of the day or night to add extra calories to your diet. Take in between solid meals is best and can be used post workout also. Mutant Mass contains primarily whey as its protein source, so this would be more than enough "fast" protein for after training.

Q Hi yeah , im an 18 yr old 5'11 14 stone semi-pro rugby player..
I just bought the 2.2kg Mutant mass gainer.. How long would that last me if taken in correct way ?
+ how long would it take to see difference if going gym 3x a week + 3 rugby cardio sessions?

This all depends on what you are hoping to get from the product? As long as you are consuming more calories in a day than you are burning then you will increase lean muscle mass if weight training.

Q Hi,

I'm looking to gain some mass, at the moment I'm 92kg. I'm very active with football and the gym through out the week. This means I'm burning calories for fun. As the season is now starting I'm struggling to keep some of my current size.

I was looking to get mutant mass to help me gain some size then use USN anabolic fuel after my gym work. Is this a good combination or can you advise me of a better combination?

I was also thinking about supplementing with a testo booster or creatine which would be best for me?


USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic is considered to be an 'all-in-one' type of product that can assist with muscular gains as well as recovery.

It contains both a natural testosterone-enhancer (Avena Sativa), as well as creatine.

You are likely to find this is an effective addition to the appropriate diet, coupled with your current training regime, without the necessary addition of separate test-boosters/creatine.

Q hi,

im planning to start mass tech next month.
howlong can i continue taking it, as it has creatine in it? and is it okay to stack it with creatine hardcore or shud i take creatine half hr after, and also how long can u continue taking cell tech aswell?

many thanks


Most experts now agree that there is no need to cycle off creatine and that it can be taken on an ongoing basis. This is because there have been over 3000 scientific studies and several expert safety reviews and no adverse side effects have been apparent. So feel free to use these products for as long as you like. Having said that, if you are taking two servings (or even two half servings as we suggest you start out with) of Mass-Tech, then you won't benefit from too much extra creatine, as much of any added creatine will go to waste (harmlessly excreted in your urine).

Q Hi,
I have been using Mutant Mass over a month. This brought me good result like I gained 4Kg weight in 3 weeks. But I have a side effect. I am loosing my hair since I started to take it. Can you give any suggestion to prevent it?

Loosing your hair? There is nothing in Mutant mass that have any effect on hair loss. Testosterone products in very sensitive individuals or older males may have an effect on speeding up the process of hair loss but there is nothing to prove this.

Q Hi,
i weight 11 stones at the moment and i'm 6ft2, i want to reach the 13stones mark and bulk up, would you say i'll reach my goal with just using Mutant Mass? Thanks

Mutant Mass is our most populare weight gainer. If you start with 2 scoops twice per day and add a teaspoon of creatine to each shake, you should get excellent mass gains.

Q Hi, i am currently 75 kg but want to add size. i am looking at purchasing mutant mass, jack3d and cell tech, is this a good stack? how would you recommend me to take this on a day to day basis. Is there another stack you can recommend?

Mutant mass and cell-tech would be a fantastic stack as this will flood your body with the muscle building calories you need to increase your body –weight and muscle mass.
An alternative to cell-tech would be PVL Mutant Cre-X12 which is a very similar formulation to cell-tech but a cheaper price.

Q hi, if u have this mutant mass twice a day, within how long can you see the results??
i do train 3 times a week,

You should see results within the first two weeks. Start by taking 2 scoops (a half serving) 2 or 3 times per day between meals - take one just after training. Then, if you aren't gaining 1 to 3 kilograms per week, increase to 3 scoops 3 times per day. In the unlikely case that you don't gain at least 1 kilogram doing this, go to a full serving size.

See the excellent article - for essential info on weight gainers

Also, see - for advice on heavy training for maximum gains.

Q Hi, im mulsim. Is this suitable for vegetarians? Is it Halal?


Mutant Mass is not certified as Halal; it is not stated in the nutritional information as being suitable for vegetarians, either.

You may wish to try Reflex Instant Mass 2.7kg £35.99 instead, as this is definitely suitable for vegetarians.

Q Hi, is this product good to stack with usn muscle fuel anabolic? and do i need to take additional creatine on top of this? thanks

Muscle Fuel Anabolic should be taken at least once per day to get sufficient creatine. One serving should be taken after training. You will likely get even better results if you take 2 servings on training days. If you do this, then you can plug the gaps between meals (especially on non-trianing days) with the Mutant Mass and wouldn't require any other source of creatine.

Q Hi, ive been using mutant mass for 2 months now and the results are really good exept ive put so much fat on around my waist. Im not quite sure if i still should use it till i get rid of the amount of fat around that area. Ive also checked the amounts of fats in mutant which are much higher than in most of the other weight gainers out there. My goal is to bulk up, but im thinking to lose the belly with loads of cardio and lower my body fat percentage before i can continue the bulking up. I would appreciate it, if i could get some advise on that. thanks

To properly gain muscle mass, you always have to put on some fat (this is what all of the professional bodybuilders do). It isn't the fat in Mutant Mass, it's you serving size (the fat is from MCT and CLA, which help burn fat compared to normal fats). The best advice is to taper down the size and/or number of servings until you are gaining more slowly but this could slow your muscle gains. You really need to plan when you are going to "diet off" the fat. As long as you have a strategy and timelines for how much you want to gain and when you want to get lean, you can make appropriate changes.

Q hi,i got mutant cr-12,and today i bouth mutant mass from tropicana,and i want to ask how to get the best results?? i take CR-12 in morning and one after training when i need to use mutant mass in between? and how many shakes per day help me please and many thanks

Take the Mutant Mass (2 scoops - 1/2 serving) after training and between meals twice daily. Take the X12 in the morning right after breakfast (ensure you eat some protein for breakfast - eggs, protein shake, etc).

After the first 5 days, you only have to take the X12 once per day.

If you aren't gaining on that program, then you have to up your calories by either more food or a bigger serving or an extra serving of Mutant Mass.

Q hi,im interested in buyin a mutant mass as a weight gainer toput on mass, umm would you recommend to use it with a milk or water?

which one would i see the results with!!

Mutant Mass is designed to be taken with water but can also be taken with milk. Both will work well but the milk will add extra calories, protein, carbs and fat.

See the article - for essential info on weight gainers and how to use them.

Q hi. i am currently taking USN anabolic i want to gain quick muscle would you recommend for me to carry on taking usn anabloic or is this better? thanks

Both are excellent. Mutant Mass (if you add creatine to it) would probably be slightly better overall, as it has a more nutritious formula - healthier fats and fibres added. But both are excellent for quick gains in size and strength, so you can't go wrong with either.

Q how long will this product last for exactly
it is quite expensive really

Mutant Mass is by far our best-selling weight gainer specifically because of its excellent formulation and value for money. If you try to get this amount of calories from a balanced meal with essential fats and quality fibre and this level of high-quality protein (which is better than any protein source you'll find at a supermarket), it would be dramatically more expensive than Mutant Mass and certainly much less convenient to prepare.
We usually suggest starting by taking 2 scoops (1/2 a serving) twice per day, so it will last 26 days.

Q how long would a 2.2kg bag last

It's 8 days if you take 2 scoops, twice daily.

Q i am 17 years old, i train 3 times a week, i have put on muscle but i am skinny. i was wondering if i took mutant mass would it harm my body as i am not that big or do i have to put on more muscle then take it?

Mutant Mass doesn't have any ingredients that would be harmful. It is designed to be the equivalent of a well-balanced meal that is high in quality protein and also contains important fibre and healthy fats. We recommend it as our best weight gainer product. Start by taking 2 scoops (a half serving), twice per day and slowly increase the amount if you are not gaining 1 to 2 kilos per week.

For best muscle-building resluts, I would strongly suggest that your read the articles: for essential info on weight gainers
AND for advice on heavy training for maximum gains. [free weights vs machines]

Q I am taking this weight gainer and i also have some creatine ready to start using. should i mix the two powders into one drink or do i have to take them as two seperate drinks?

Mix your creatine (5 grams - a heaping teaspoon) into your Mutant Mass shakes. Take 4 servings of creatine per day for the first 5 days (with your shakes or just before meals) and then 2 servings per day thereafter (1 serving with your post-workout shake on training days).

See the article - - for the best advice on using weight gainers.

Q I want to gain further muscle/weight after taking mutant mass would you recommend taking creatine? is that a good weight gainer also?

Yes, we recommend taking 5 grams (one heaping teaspoon) of creatine with your two servings of Mutant Mass per day (take one of the servings just after workouts on workout days unless you are already taking a post-workout product).

After weight gainers & protein products, creatine is the most important supplement for mass and strength gains.

Mutant Mass is our best-selling and probably the best weight gainer we carry.

See the article - to most effectively use weight gainers.

see - for essential info to get the best results from creatine.

Q i wanted to ask weather this product is sutible for vegetarians as its not for me but my friend is of muslim faith and many of the ingrediants ive been told are derrrived from supposedly haram sources

Besides milk and egg proteins, I can't see any ingredients that are derived from animal sources in this product.

Q I'm a slim build, about 5'8" and Is truggle to put on size, I know there wouldn't be a huge point in me taking this product as I don;t have the capacity to get big but for the basic mass need would 1 or 2 scoops of this still be effective? Because 4 scoops a time at £55 is a bit expensive

You have to either get your calories from food or from supplements like Mutant Mass - both cost money and to purchase and prepare a meal with the same quality of proteins, fats, carbs and fibre as Mutant Mass, it would almost certainly cost you more and take a heck of a lot longer to prepare.

Without adequate calories, you can do whatever you want but you won't grow.

For best results, start with 2 scoops of Mutant Mass, twice daily and adjust according to your results. For faster and bigger gains in lean mass and strength, add a creatine product.

Q I'm currently just taking Muscle Fuel Anabolic but was thinking of changing to PVL Mutant Mass as I find it pretty hard to put weight on. Alongside the Mutant Mass, I am thinking of Nano Vapor and some Creapure Creatine as the Mutant doesn't contain any. Would that combination cover all bases? Thanks.

My first recommendation for hardgainers is to use 2 scoops twice daily of Mutant Mass with Creapure Creatine - so excellent choice! If you aren't gaining on this, then it's a simple numbers game - increase the number of servings, size of servings or increase your calories from other foods. That will cover all the bases!


Yes. There is nothing wrong with taking this product.

Q If I added an egg to my shakes would that help build more muscle?

Raw egg is a bad idea as it can give you salmonella and biotin defficiency. No need to add anything to Mutant Mass anyhow except for a high-calorie diet.

Q If I wanted to put on good quality muscle and weight would you recommend I stay on mutant mass or move to nitro tech and cell? Or both? i have a reasonably high metobolism

The Mutant may be better because if you're a hard gainer, you can take it several times per day. Cell-Tech is designed to be taken once daily after the loading phase (although many people take it twice per day). Nitro doesn't have enough calories on its own for a hard gainer or someone trying to gain mass as quickly impossible.

Q If I were to take cell tech with mutant mass, which would I take post-workout and when?

You'd take them both post workout, straight after you've finished your last set.

Q If its illegal to sell how come i managed to buy it easily of an offical site? ok then do you have any other suggestions of tablets i could consume to help with my training?

You can buy tons of illegal stuff online but that doesn't make it legal.

Q if my son was to take 1 shake a day with 4 scopes in a drink that is 260g so if he drinks 1 shake a day after training that will be 26 days of drink in every 6.8kg is this right or are my maths out lol


Your maths is correct! Having said this, I have known of individuals who choose to halve their servings (taking two scoops daily), and therefore, a 6.8kg bag will last double the time. Though this is a more economical step, it will of course depend on the calorie intake necessary to meet specific fitness goals.

Q if taking 3 servings a day how long would this last me

We recommend half servings (2 scoops - 500 + calories). So a large bag of Mutant Mass would last you almost 3 weeks. Mutant Mass is the by far the best combination of quality and price per calorie as far as weight gainers go - and also by far our best seller.

Q if you take 2 servings of 2 scoops of this a day it gives you a extra 1000 cals a day, if you take the recommended daily serving of usn mass or sci-mx mass you get 1800 cals a day so why is this product suppose to be so good compared to the other 2, thanks

With any weight gainer, you can adjust the calories infinitely by using any number of full and half scoops. Mutant Mass is so good because it is one of the cheapest on a per-calorie basis and it has quality protein (10 types), carbs (with several sources of fibre for gut health and ease of digestion) and healthy fats (MCTs, CLA, Flax). So if you want more calories use 2 1/2 scoops or 3 scoops per serving. The key is, if your gains are coming too slowly, increase the dosage, if they are coming too quickly and resulting in too much fat accumulation, decrease it. The scoop size of a product is just an arbitrary decision because if you make it too big, people complain that the product doesn't last long enough and if you make it too small, they complain that it doesn't have as many calories as the competition.

Q Im a what you would describe as a seriously hard gainer. Ive been using mutant mass 3 times a day for about 2 months now, Im also eating to the point where I cant eat no more. I just dont seem to be putting on the pounds. I like mutant the best out of all the gainers I have tried. Iv just started on 'creakic' and 'no overload'. Is there any tips to finally help me put the pounds on? I train 3 times a week for bout an hour.

You have to either eat more food, take more Mutant Mass and/or switch from Creakic to Cell-Tech (more calories and best for quick, big gains in mass)!

Q instead of having 2 servings of 52grams of protein per day which it recommends, can you change that and break it down into 4 servings of 26grams of protein per day and will it still be as effective

Yes, this is an effective way of taking Mutant Mass and can be easier on the stomach for some people who get a bit bloated with the full serving. The number of scoops per serving is just a suggestion and can be modified depending upon how fast you are gaining weight, how much you train and how big a serving you can toleratem, etc.

Q is it ok to split the serving and have 2 scoops twice a day between meals?

Absolutely, we actuall suggest this to many customers as not everyone can handle a full serving of a weight gainer. If this does not deliver the gains you are looking for, move up to 3 scoops and/or increase the size of your meals (especially the carbs as they stimulate appetite).

Q Is it okay to mix Mutant mass with hot boiled water instead of milk or cool water? Will it affect the result by mixing it with hot water?

Boiling water could alter the shape and function of the proteins, which could affect some of the health and muscle-building benefits of the whey protein.

It won't make it useless or anything but it would have some negative effect (although no one knows for sure how much as this has not been researched).

You're better off using milk, or warm (not hot) water.

Q Is the Strawberry banana a mix of both or Just Strawberry?

A mix of both.

Q Is this product gluten free? or can you recommend another all in one that is ?

Hi Scott,

Gaspari Real Mass ProBiotic 5.4kg, £43.99, is gluten-free.

Q Is this product more like Cell-tech OR Nitro-tech? I have both all 3 products should i consume all of them or just Cell-tech and Nitro-tech? i'm a bit stuck with it all would be grateful for your help

Q Ive recently just started using mutant mass and am loving the taste but it makes me feel bloated im only taking 2 scoops at a time but twice a day any suggestions to help it go away??

some tips to help avoid bloating would be to add more water, drink it slowly and also wait for the bubbles to calm once shaken.

The fibre sources used in Mutant Mass may cause bloating in some individuals - different people react differently to different fibre sources.

Q surely this only works so well because it contains IGF-1 which correct me if i am wrong is a growth hormone? if this is correct, how is this legal or safe?
wouldnt you get a side effect such as acne etc?

Dont get me wrong its a good weight gainer for sure, my friend was on it about a year ago and he got massive off it. but I always remember how he got very very spotty. Maybe it was this all along!

The IGF-1 referred to on the label is from naturally-occuring colostrum milk proteins. Some of the protein fractions in milk contain it. It is present in human breast milk - especially the first milk produced after the child's birth, called colostrum. Since Mutant Mass is high in these proteins, it contains significant amounts.
So no need to worry about safety or spots. My experience in bodybuilders who suddenly grow quickly and get spots is that it's usually not from supplements (if you know what I mean).

Q Thanks you very much for your answer, I appreciate that. Well, say,as if I have now decided that I have already reached the weight I wanted to. What would you recommend? Shall i stop my mutant mass intake and shift to some other product? what product would you recommend? Cheers, Kevin. One more thing what shall I do to shed the fats?

You could switch to a protein product but you would have to find a calorie intake level that kept you at that weight, so would probably have to eat more food to make up some of the calories from the Mutant Mass.

To shed the fat, go with a high-protein diet and keep adjusting your carbs down until you are getting desired weight loss. Also, a fat burner like Hydroxycut, Xendrine, Grenade, Cuts, etc will further help by boosting your metabolism and decreasing hunger.

Q This may sound stupid, but is the Strawberry Banana a mix of both flavours or? Can you just get Strawberry flavour for this?

It is a mix and does not come in a standard strawberry flavour.

Q what is the best selling flavour?

Cookies and Cream, followed closely by chocolate and strawbery/Banana.

This is by far our best-selling weight gainer, so all flavours are popular.

Q What would you say are the best quick fire protein foods? Of which I can easily consume throughout the day?

Whey, boiled eggs, cheese, etc

Q Whats the difference between mutant mass and mutant pro? what one would you recommend?

Mutant Mass is for fast mass gains or for people with fast metabolisms or who burn a lot of calories. Mutant Pro is to meet protein needs (not high in calories carbs or fat).

Q would it help to stack this with bsn true mass and muscletech cell tech to gain mass? thanks

You could have them at seperate times as it would help with the increase in calories however consuming a serving of each at the same time wouldn't be necessary because each of those mass gaining products Mutant mass and True mass contain a big calorie hit per serving. However, we would recommend taking a weight gainer with Cell-tech together as this would maximise gains. These can be taken seperately and do not have to be mixed in the same shake.

Q can i take this product with animal nitro and Muscletech Cell-Tech
when and what would i use first??? and can i add no explod to these things?? becose i want to gain mass
my whight is 68 kilos
and my lengh is 174 cm
thanks alot
i will be glad if you help me

You can use all of these together.

Obviously just use the Xplode before workouts as directed. Use the Nitro before or after workouts, use the Mutant Mass (2 or 3 scoops) after training followed by Cell-Tech. Take the Mutant twice daily whether training or not between meals (again start with 2 to 3 scoop servings and only increase if you aren't gaining). On non-trainng days, take Cell-Tech just after breakfast.

Q Can you tell me if i would still need to use my whey protein morning, after training and night time, then fit this product in between meals. or use this product alone if so when?. many thanks

Exactly as you said. Fit this product in between meals.

Q Do i need to take a whey protein supplement ontop of mutant mass or does it come with all the whey mixed in it?

It has whey protein in there to a value of 50g per serving so there is no need to have an additional product unless you aren't meeting your protein requirements in the day through food.

Q does Mutant Mass contain creatine

Unfortunately no it does not contain creatine. Try stacking PVL Cre-X12 with mutant mass for serious size and strength gains.

Q extremely regrettable that this product is not kosher


We are distributors of a great number of brands and have nothing to do with the manufacturing process. If you have any concerns regarding a specific product in terms of culturally-related dietary queries, it is best to contact the company directly.

Q hello..i am about to start PVL mutant mass.i decided to take two scoops in the morning and two scoops after my work confused with the quantity of water to be used for two scoops.could you please say me regarding that?

You should use about 200 to 500ml of water for a 2-scoop serving (your shaker bottle or blender should have units marked on the side). If you like it thick and creamy use closer to 200 if you like it less thick, use closer to 500ml.

Q hello..i want to know which one is better to gain weight, Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass OR Mutant Mass? and why? also considering size of servings per bag! thank you


Both are classed as mass gainers and have a similar nutritional composition to one and other - which you opt for will most likely depend upon flavour preference and value for money (in terms of the latter, Mutant works out as the better choice).

All in all, both will be effective.

I hope this addresses your query.

Q hey i have a little belly fat but my arms are like 12 inch normal im 6 foot 1 and weigh 86 kg but i want my arms to get bigger but dont get me wrong i am doing other parts of my body i train hard and got to the gym like 4 times a week , is this a good product , my diet for the last month has been like 1 pro shake in morning with oats , eggs , calories from like good wholemeal bread PHD recovery 2:1 and a pro shake when i go to bed , but i wanna get big without getiing a massive belly i do cardio after workouts is this product to get to get big , which would u reccomend?

You should put some size on and then worry about getting lean (as if you try to do both at the same time, you are unlikely to succeed). So ya, go with the Mutant Mass (2 scoops twice daily) and stick with your other supplements. Increase your food or your gainer intake if you aren't gaining 1 to 3 pounds per week.

Q Hey, I was just wondering with the scoop, is 1 scoop of mutant mass a full scoop or is it up to the line that is on the outside of the scoop.


One full scoop.

Q hi
is this HALAL

can you tell the ingrideints please

This product is not Halal.

Q Hi !
If i was to have 2 scoops a day, how long would a 6.8 kg bag last me ? and what is the difference if i took MM with 480ml of milk compared to 960ml of milk ?
Thank You

It would last 52 days.

480ml of Milk adds 12g protein, 24g carbs and fat depends upon what kind of milk you use per 480ml. It adds about 240 calories for semi skim variety

Q Hi I am looking to gain size ans i'm planning on stacking Mutant mass, usn creatine and animal pak together. would you recommend also using a whey protein?

That depends on whether you are getting enough protein in during the day, ensure you are getting around 1g of protein per 1lb of bodyweight to ensure protein is being shuttled into the muscles for growth and recovery after sessions and during the day. If you feel you're stopping short of your protein intake then it can be beneficial to supplement with extra whey protein.

Q hi im 17 and weigh 12 stone 2lbs with only 8% bodyfat i am a very hard gainer i used mass-tech by muscletech all last year and eventually i put 4 stone on and i have kept it through this year but now i feel i want a change of weight gainer as am there is only one flavor of the mass-tech i like so am going for a change i have 3 products in mind rather mutant mass by pvl, monster mass by cytosport or BSN's true mass what would you reccomend i am also useing the 90+ protien by nutrisport, neurocore and cell-tech pro series by muscletech if that helps in anyway ?

The gainers are caterered for people who struggle to put on weight and people who cannot get enough calories in during the day, so Monster Mass and BSN's true mass contain nearly half the amount of calories than mutant mass which packs over 1,000 calories per serving. All of the gainers stated will perform the desired effect which is an extra amount of calories to keep your body in an anabolic state. Whichever is best depends on personal preference.

Q Hi im 5 ft 11 and i am skinny and i weigh 57kg, im also 19. What would you recommend i should do to gain weight and become lean?

You cant do both. You either want to get big or get ripped. If you train hard eat right and add in a weight gainer then there is no reason you will put on body fat as the extra calories will be used to build muscle.

Q hi is the mutant mass contine animal"s fat ,is it suitable for vegitarian ,or is it as halal product ,pls.

Mutant Mass is suitable for vegetarians as long as you are ok to consume milk ingredients.

Im thinking of taking mutant mass. If i divide the servings into 2 scoops twice a day? one morning and one post workout? will that work? and how long will it take for me to gain some sort of size?



Yes, it is fine for you to halve servings; many find this is an effective and more economical way of taking Mutant Mass.

With regards to how long it will be until you see results - this is a rather difficult question to answer, as it will depend upon a number of factors including the quality of your diet, and consistency of your exercise routine. I would advocate applying a trial and error process, and to assess your progress on a weekly basis.

I hope this information has helped to address your queries.

Q hi, i used to tke ON gold standard b4 tht helpme me put a few kilos with the help of a proper iet,
i m 6.2 tall and i wiegh 72 kgs,
so i kind of look skinny. do u think this product will suit me best? i have a tummy also, from wht i ve read abt this prodcut u tend to put on a lot mor fat?

Pvl Mutant Mass is a fantastic product for making sure you over eat your daily intake of calories in order to gain weight and increase muscle mass.

Mutant Mass must be used in conjunction with a healthy high calorie based diet and solid weight training regime to get the best results.

If you add a creatine product, results will be even more dramatic.

Slight fat gains is nothing you should be worrying about when building muscle.

Build to the size you want to be and then focus on dieting away the body fat after.

Q Hi, i was wondering if you guys do shipping to new zealand..couldnt find the info in this page and hw mch of calories do i need on top of the 1000 from mutant mass to gain about 1kg per week? im 5"7 and about 57kg..its really hard for me to keep my weight up.

sorry, we don't ship there - it's like over 10,000 miles away!!

Q Hi, I would like to check if does the mutant mass gainer HALAL?

As far as I am aware, it does not carry Halal certification.

The product may well be suitable for vegetarians (as ingredients seem to suggest), though there is nowhere within the nutritional information to indicate that this suitability is guaranteed.

If you require further clarification, you may wish to contact Mutant directly, using the following link:

Q Hi, which is better for mass gaining Real Gains or Mutant Mass for a 19 year old looking to put on muscle mass?


This is according to individual preference - your budget, preferred flavour and so forth.

All protein supplements and weight gainers will have an anabolic effect on muscle tissue if utilised correctly in conjunction with sensible eating habits and a tailored fitness regime.

I hope this addresses your query.

Q hiiii
my length is 5:8" and my weight is very less like 53 kilo.can i use mutant mass to get my weight???and do i need to go to gym while i ll take mutant mass???is mutant mass suitable for my weight???cz i cant go gym ryt nw with my current fitness???i ll be glad if u give me these ans.plzzz


Mutant Mass is a good quality, excellent value weight gainer that comes in a variety of flavours.

Weight gainers contain a concentrated blend of good quality proteins, carbohydrates and some fats; they enable you to consume a significant number of calories in the form of a shake, and are therefore, useful supplements for individuals who struggle to eat regularly, or find it difficult to put on weight, even though they feel they eat adequately.

As with any dietary supplement, they are intended to be used in conjunction with sensible eating habits and exercise. Please remember that for the time being, there are alternative methods of becoming more active than going to the gym. Begin moderately - start incorporating gentle but regular exercise into your life until it becomes habitual, and start making small, realistic changes to your eating habits (where applicable).

I hope this information addresses your query.

Q how does this compare to masstech as a weight gainer and which would you reccomend if i am using anabolic halo, neurocore, scimx creatine monhydrate powder and omni-mx hardcore and the animal Mstak ?

Its our best selling weight gainer and one of the best formulated on the market so its up there as one of the best. Can be used as part of this stack.

Q How long does this product last, is it better than ON serious mass for how long it lasts? Is it better than ON serious mass for weight gain also? What's the better product?

Hello, yeah it has 10 servings more than Serious mass, however as serious mass has more calories, added Vits and mins I would say ON is the better weight gainer, but you will have to pay more.

Q How many serving do u get in 2.2kg bag?

Based on an intake of two scoops daily, a 2.2kg bag contains approximately seventeen servings.

Q how much does "1" scoop contain in terms of nutrients ?

Everything we know about the product nutrients per serving is listed on our website under "Nutrition" on the product page.

Each serving is 4 scoops, so divide all nutrients from a full serving by 4.

Q How much weight do you expect a person to increase if taking 2 or 3 shakes everyday of 3 scoops ?

i am 6'5 180lbs
i want to be 200lbs in roughly 2 this possible ?

The main theory behind weight gain is a surplus of calories, majority of your calories should be coming from meals, with a gainer like mutant mass backing it up for massive amounts of carbohydrates and protein. 20lbs in 2 months is very difficult, unless you are very genitically gifted. 20lbs of lean muscle mass will take a couple of years to accomplish, if its just 20lbs of mass (fat and muscle) then this could be obtained in a shorter term.

Try eating 8 meals a day including 3 mutant mass' in to help your body recover and grow.

Q I am 30 and am looking to seriously build muscle and mass, I have always had a very fast metabolism (currently 10st 5 and 5' 9"), I am looking at Jack 3d (have used before and very impressed) along with Applied Nutrition Testo-DAA, could you tell me if PVL Mutant Mass would help, if not which other product would you advise. Cheers

Mutant mass will defiantly help. Mutant mass is full of the muscle building calories you need to promote solid muscle gains. Highly recommended for anyone trying to pack on some size.

Q I am considering stacking Mutant mass with creatine however for the same price I can stack Mutant pro with Cre-X12. Which stack would be considered better for putting on muscle mass whilst minimising fat ontake? I notice 4 scoops of Mutant mass has 10g of saturates half of your GDA however the other stack doesn't come close, so is this a bad thing. Also would Mutant pro contain a better amino acid profile than Mutant mass?

The Mutant Mass is more like a meal than the X12 because it has fibre for gut health, MCT oil (which is the source of the saturated fat but in fact MCTs aren't metabolised like normal fats so no need to worry about the saturated fat content) as an additional fast energy source. However if the X12 plus Mutant Pro has similar calories and also has creatine, then you'd probably get better gains (especially for the first few weeks) on that..

Best solution is to use Mutant Mass and add a bit of creatine powder (you can get 60 servings of Tropicana creatine, which is the best quality Creapure creatine for £10).

Q I have SSN creatine monohydrate and MUTANT mass gainer 2,2kg. my wheight is 85kg and i working 4 times in a week. can you say how i suppose to drink these two things. thank you!!

For best results, creatine should ideally be taken pre-workout; its function is to regenerate levels of ATP - the biological energy supply for every cell in the body. Physical activity depletes levels of ATP fairly quickly, which means that muscles become fatigued and contractions cease. Taking a creatine supplement will enable you to exercise for longer/complete more reps. It should preferably be taken with a carbohydrate source (such as fruit juice) to aid its absorption.

Mutant Mass should be taken post-workout, to replenish levels of glycogen and amino acids (protein) in the muscles that become depleted during physical activity. You can also take it throughout the day (within reason) to bridge any nutritional gaps, e.g. mid-morning/afternoon, to maintain in an anabolic state.

Please adhere to specific product guidelines for mixing instruction etc.

Q I have used whey proteins and creatine powders for gainig mass so far. However, this winter I want to try bulking up with weight gainer. As I have never used something like it before I have no idea for how long I should be taking it. I am 5 ft 6 inch tall and weigh at 172 lbs. If you think I should keep on taking whey protein instead of gainer please let me know. Thanks a lot :)

Not at all. If you want to increase your mass and strength then a mass gainer is exactly what you need. Take it for as long as you like until you reach your target weight.

Q i'm 19 years old n i weigh in @ 7 stones !!! i need to gain weight FAST but i was wondering if i was to use like half the reccomended intake would the results be the same because im skinny and have low body fat and muscle ? Thank You

We recommend starting with 2 scoops (1/2 serving) twice daily and then increase you serving size or number of servings if you aren't gaining 1-3 pounds per week. Often young, skinny guys have to eat huge amounts of calories to gain any muscle.

Q Im 18 and weigh about 10st 6 at 6ft 1" I also fast metabolism.

What would be the best product to gain mass as I work out about 5-6 times a week?

Mutant mass would be perfect if you are looking to put on more muscle mass as the calorie content is high. We would recommend having 2-3 servings a day in between your meals and after training, around 2-3 hours between each food source. Ensure you are taking on more calories than burn daily in the region of 500-1000 per day. This would equate to a 1-2lb gain per week, if done over a 7 day period.

Q im 5'10 and i weigh 98 pounds !!! i know from reviews that Mutant Mass is the best but i was wondering in order to prolong its use could i take just half a serving (525 kcals) a day ? im pretty me being smaller the results will appear quick and plus how much does a single scoop contain (g) ?
Thank You

Yes. We actually recommend taking 2 scoops twice per day to start as this allows you to digest the product more efficiently and reduce bloating. The bottom line is you have to take an amount that allows you to hit your weight-gain targets and so have to adjust based upon results. You have to do the same with your other food.

It is best taken in between meals and after training.

A single scoop will contain :-

calories - 265
protein - 13g
carbs - 44g
fats - 4.5

Q im looking to gain lean muscle mass with limitied fat gain i workout 3times a week for 1 hour im 6,2ft and weigh 12.8st would like to put on at least hlaf a stone of muscle or would i be better with another gainer

Mutant Mass is by far our best-selling gainer as it is value-for-money, quality protein, carbs and fats and tastes great.

Yes, go with the Mutant Mass. Start with 2 scoops twice daily and increase until you are gaining about 1 kilo per week. If you gain more than 1kg per week, that increases the odds that some of the gains will be fat (but some gains will always be fat unless you just incrased your training intensity or duration or if you have some kind of super-human genetics.

Add a teaspoon of powdered creatine (Just Creatine by Sports Pharma is excellent quality and price) for faster gains in both muscle and strength.

Q Is mutant mass suitable for a 15 year old.

Mutant mass doesn't contain anything that will cause harm to a 15 year old, therefore it's just a big hit of calories, if he/she is using it to encourage weight gain/recovery from training or sport etc then it should be fine that he/she uses this product.

Q Is Mutant Mass used for more of a post workout supplement, or a pre workout supplement? Can I even use it for both or shall I just take it easy and use it for one thing?

Generally, it is advisable that you supplement your diet with a mass gainer in order to bridge nutritional gaps. You are correct in taking a serving post-workout, as this will serve to replenish amino acids and glucose that are depleted during exercise.

Consuming with breakfast (or mid-morning if you'd rather) is recommended, with a third serving (if necessary) say, mid-afternoon.

I hope you find the above information useful.

Q Is this product suitable for vegetarians. (Halal). I was told it dont contain animal fat or anything is this true?

The product does not specify 'suitable for vegetarians' on its label, or state anywhere that ingredients are Halal; I would therefore, assume that neither is applicable.

I suggest contacting Mutant directly for extra clarification.

They can be contacted on:

Q Is this suitable for vegetarian?


Q What is your best weight gainer? im looking for a gainer high in calories but one which isnt filled with sugar & bad fats e.g saturated, what would you recommend? I want to gain mass but dont want to add loads of excess fat to my waistline. Thanks

Mass-Tech is probably the lowest high-quality gainer in sugars and sat fats.

Q which is the best mutant mass or monster maxx,mass tech.

Mutant Mass has a massive following and huge amounts of feedback but with that said MassTech dose to. The question isn’t really which one is the best. It is which one is the best for you? Everyone is different and react differently to different products so try Mutant mass to start and see how you get on. If you feel the product has not worked for you try Masstech.

Q would it be ok if i was to take just 1 scoop of MM a day ? this would prolong its use and i could also eat other types of calorie dense food, while having this makes it easier because i am drinking the calories instead of eating them, ps im a weight gainer , i weigh 98 pounds n im aged 19 5"10

Use mutant mass as needed. One serving a day is fine if you are consuming the rest of your calories you need from food in order to grow. If you find you are gaining consistently with only one serving of mutant mass a day then stick to one serving.

However, this is only about 265 calories and 13 grams of quality protein, so it is unlikely to have a major effect on your diet. If you have a fast metablism and have trouble gaining weight, you should be consuming quite a bit more than that.

We recommend taking 2 scoops twice a day as a starting point and increase either the number of servings or the serving size if you are not gaining.

Q would it be possible to make a 6.6kg bag of mutant mass make a months worth of shakes 45 roughly at 2 scoops a time?.


You can get 52 servings if you use 2 scoops instead of 4.

Q can i mix the protein whey and mass gainer together as one shake or take individually??


It wouldn’t be necessary for you to mix protein with a mass gainer, as the latter already contains protein as part of its formula. 


Please bear in mind that your body can only utilise a specific quantity of protein in one sitting (this will vary according to your compostiion and activity levels, but as a guideline, 20g is considered average), and so supplementing a mass gainer with extra protein would not be necessary.


Generally speaking, mass gainers are best suited to those individuals who have a fast metabolism, whereas whey protein is a great recovery product for those looking to lose/maintain body fat, and support muscle protein synthesis. 


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