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Nutrisport Amino Acids

300 Tablets

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Nutrisport Amino Acids

Nutrisport Amino Acids contains both free form aminos (single aminos) and peptide bound aminos (few joined together)

Amino acids are the building acids of all proteins. Bodybuilders and strength athletes require more amino acids to replace those used during training as well as for muscle growth. Branched chain amino acids are removed during strenuous training. Free form aminos (single aminos) and peptide bound aminos (few joined together) are contained in Nutrisport Amino Acids, along with other essential amino’s that can not be made by the body. All the right aminos in the right ratio’s to aid in muscle growth and recovery.
Container Size: 300 Tablets
Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Servings Per Container: 300

Amount Per Serving:

Lysine: 100.8mg
Histidine: 68.7mg
Arginine: 34.6mg
Aspartic Acid: 132.7mg
Threonine: 52.3mg
Serine: 82.7mg
Glutamic Acid: 297.5mg
Proline: 150.2mg
Glycine: 62.5mg
Alanine: 53.8mg
Cysteine: 26.1mg
Valine: 115.0mg
Methionine: 36.5mg
Isoleucine : 97.0mg
Leucine: 82.5mg
Tryosine: 37.8mg
Phenylalanine: 82.5mg
Tryphtophan (natural source): 42.4mg

Other Ingredients:

Starch, Vegetable stearine, Cellulose
1-4 tablets with meals/before and after workout.
Reviews (2)

"The most important BCAA is Leucine. Most BCAA contains 500g+ of Leucine, these only contain 82.
I like the 90+ protein range from nutrisport but these are cheap for a reason."

Posted by The Boss D  (20th March 2014)


"First of all, I am not a fan of all those "monster" style aminos, I believe the most basic are the best! I am not looking for a "boom" short term result.
By the way, I am doing MMA with a bit of weight lifting...

Just opened and tried...
It seems they are vanila flavoured. The tablets size is similar to 1-2 pound coin, easy to brake, chewable. Bought because they are suitable for vegetarians. Overall love it!
Will come back to review after a while, would like to feel it..."

Posted by alex  (15th June 2012)

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