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PhD Nutrition Waxy Vol



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PhD Nutrition Waxy Vol

PhD Waxy-Vol contains pure barley powder which is recognised as a complex carbohydrate

Complex carbohydrate powder
PhD Waxy-Vol contains pure barley powder and is derived from finest UK crop. Barley is recognised as a complex carbohydrate.

A carbohydrate is the most abundant natural organic compound that consists only of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, they occur naturally in a variety of foods. In simplistic terms and in food science, carbohydrates can be broken down into two forms (though in truth it is slightly more comprehensive than this) and these are: simple sugars and complex carbohydrates.

Complex carbohydrates is a term used to describe foods that are high in starch (cereal’s, breads, grains), whilst the term simple sugars is used to describe foods that are traditionally high in monosaccharides and disaccharides, which are smaller (lower molecular weight) and are found in sweets, fruits, fruit juices etc.

Traditionally, athletes will require the majority of their carbohydrate intake from complex carbohydrates (starches), except perhaps for a period of 1 hour after exercise when it may be preferential to use simple sugars, as they may be converted into glycogen quicker than starches.
Container Size: 2000g
Serving Size: 1 scoop (36g)
Servings Per Container: 55

Amount Per Serving:

Total Calories: 128
Protein: 2.61g
Total Carbohydrates: 28.65g
-Sugars: 0.83g
-Dietary Fiber: 0.65g
Fat: 0.73g
-Polyunsaturates: 1.2g
-Saturates: 0.2g
Sodium: <0.01g


Waxy Barley Starch, [Following ingredients only present in Berry Blast and Mango Crush flavours:
Citric Acid, Flavouring, Natural Colouring: Beetroot Red (Berry Blast only), Circumin (Mango Crush only)], Sweetener: Sucralose.

Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours
Use 1-2 servings (your chosen serving) of Waxy-Vol daily as an addition to a healthy diet.

How to mix: Add 1 scoop of Waxy-Vol to 250-300ml of ice cold water or liquid and shake for 10 seconds.
Reviews (3)

"Good product to use to refuel after workout, I m 54 and workout for 2-3hours a session and this powers me until I can get a proper meal afterwards, I use the product on its own ,as I feel that mixing it pushes the cost up and does necessarly benefit, have tried the unflavored one and its a bit bland"

Posted by chris fellows-wood  (26th July 2014)


"I also bought the unflavoured one and I have to agree that it doesn't taste great."

Posted by Callum  (16th May 2011)


"I have to say that the effects of this are really good. I have the unflavoured one though and it tastes like bitter flour. Next time I will get flavoured and match my protein flavour to it."

Posted by Mr Matthew Paul Boyle  (5th May 2011)

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Q how the perfect method to use waxy vol? Thanks

15-30 minutes Pre-exercise: Add 1 scoop of Waxy-VOL to 300ml of water (you could also add your favourite pre-workout drink Wired). This will ensure a sustained release of energy throughout your exercise session. Always add additional water to this mix when combining two or more products. Immediately after exercise: If you are not using PhD Recovery 2:1, which already contains Waxy Barley Starch, you may wish to add 1-2 scoops of unflavoured Waxy-VOL to PhD Pharma-Whey or Synergy-ISO-7. You can also use Waxy-VOL with Pharma-Whey or Synergy-ISO-7 throughout the day to boost calorie count and ensure your intake of quality carbohydrates for increased energy stores, muscle mass and quality mass-gain. Using Waxy-VOL with Pharma-Whey: Adding 1 scoop of unflavoured Waxy-VOL to 1 serving of Pharma-Whey will require a total of 350ml of liquid for the combination to be mixed effectively. Adding 2 scoops of Waxy-VOL to 1 serving of Pharma-Whey will require a total of 500ml of liquid. Using Waxy-VOL with Synergy-ISO-7: Adding 1 scoop of Waxy-VOL to 1 serving of Synergy-ISO-7 will require a total of 450ml of liquid for the combination to be mixed effectively. Using Waxy-VOL with Pharma-Blend: For the perfect slow release protein and carbohydrate mass-building meal, add 1 scoop of Waxy-VOL and 1 serving of Pharma-Blend to 450ml of ice-cold water and shake for 10 seconds.

Q I have just started using this, so I can't comment on bodybuilding benefits yet. But I noticed that the taste (when mixed with water) is similar to that of Recovery 2:1, and both taste disgusting. Quite powdery, and doesn't mix well with anything. I mix it in a blender but the powder always sediments very thickly at the bottom, so pour the liquid into a separate bottle and throw out the powder (because it tastes so bad). Firstly, by doing this, am I ruining the nutritional effects? If I am, what do I do about the powdery-ness that compromise the nutritional benefits? Secondly, PhD Battery is a fantastic tasting product. Aren't there carb-powders (any brand is fine) that have the same effect as Waxy-Vol, but taste like Battery? Please answer both questions for PhD Recovery 2:1 as well. Thank you.

Good Morning, I have since responded to your query via the email address provided.

Q ive just started off weight training, what benefits will this give me as a whole and what other products go well with this for lean muscle a definition?

Carbohydrates are used as the bodies naturally preferred energy source. Waxy Vol uses low GI barley starch which is a much slower released complex carb for more prolonged energy release. Combine this with a high quality protein like:- Nitrotech Hardcore Pharma Whey Pure protein IGF1 and a fat burner like:- Grenade fat burner Lipo 6 black Hydroxycut Hardcore are all fantastic supplements which help you achieve muscle definition.

Q So far I've been taking PhD Battery during my workout, and it's worked brilliantly at reducing muscle cramps during exercise and pains following exercise. It even helps if I take it the next day to reduce any strains in my muscles. The only problem is that it contains a lot of sugar and I am trying to lose weight at the moment, thus taking Battery may be counterproductive to that aim if I take it on a non-workout day, I was wondering if PhD Waxy-Vol might work as a post-workout drink, even if it is taken the following day? Would it reduce muscle pains if taken the following day or much later on in the same day? Either way, what else does it do, and how is it different from Battery?

Good Morning, I have since responded to your query via the email address provided.

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