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USN BCAA Syntho Stack

120 Caps

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USN BCAA Syntho Stack

240 Caps

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USN BCAA Syntho Stack

BCAA Syntho Stack also contains zinc citrate dehydrate, alpha lipoic acid and BioPerine

The BCAA stack with a difference! In addition to a 2:1:1 ratio of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), which comprise the essential amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, BCAA Syntho Stack also contains zinc citrate dehydrate, alpha lipoic acid and BioPerine.

BCAAs make up approximately one third of skeletal muscle in the human body and the addition of zinc contributes to normal protein synthesis, and the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood.
Container Size: 120 Capsules
Serving Size: 6 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 20

Container Size: 240 Capsules
Serving Size: 6 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 40

Amount Per Serving:

Zinc (as Zinc Citrate Dihydrate): 1.5mg
L-Leucine: 2000mg
L-Isoleucine: 1000mg
L-Valine: 1000mg
Alpha-Lipoic Acid: 100mg
Black Pepper (BioPerine™): 5mg

Other Ingredients:

Bulking Agent (Maltodextrin).
Take 3-6 capsules per day, 30 minutes prior to training sessions. On competition days, take 3-6 capsules 30 minutes prior to event, and another 3 capsules directly after the event.
Reviews (1)

"very good, product, it gives you strength, great workout. would recomend it"

Posted by Aurimas Domarkas  (22nd November 2011)

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Q Hello I'm taking a mixture of supplements such as the Phd Lean degree sculpture pills, Phd lean whey powder and sci mx creatine pills...would you recommend I take these and BCAA along with my others for a lean shape? Thanks

Hello, All of the above mentioned products can be utilised simultaneously, as they are likely to have a complimentary effect on each other, and help you to achieve your goals. It is important to closely follow directions relative to taking each supplement. I hope this information is useful to you.

Q Hello, does this product contain any stimulants such as caffeine or taurine?

Hello, no it doesn't contain any Caffeine or Taurine Thank you

Q How does this product compare to USN Hyperbolic Mass in terms of BCAA's? Thanks

This is a specific BCAA product so is more concentrated and you can determine how many you take. You would use these capsules around training. Specifically pre/intra and post workout.

Q Im currently taking USN anabolic,casein and IGF, im hoping to start cutting about Feb time, would these BCAA be a good addition to my stack ?

Yes, we think BCAA's should form the basic stack of someones training regime.

Q I am currently taking USN pure Protein, would it be ok to start on these with that or chnage my protein?

Pure Protein contains BCAAs naturally but adding additional BCAAs can be useful before and after exercise. So yes, you can use these together, taking BCAAs before training with half a serving of Protein and then taking another serving of protein within 2 hours of finishing working out. On heavy training days, you can also have BCAAs after exercise.

Q Hi, USN BCAA are fermented or synthetic?

Hi Slavomir Amino acids are usually derived from natural sources but I'm not sure of the source of these one. You could would have to ask the manufacturer, USN.

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