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Reflex Nutrition Micro Whey


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Reflex Nutrition Micro Whey

Reflex go to great lengths to ensure that Micro Whey contains preferentially selected batches of whey protein isolate

Whey Protein Isolate with a splash of flavouring
For the fastest muscle-building protein anabolism, complete and immediate intestinal absorption of high quality protein is essential. Every shred of recent protein research suggests that undenatured whey protein isolate is the ultimate form of protein for building muscle and recovery. This is why Micro Whey has been the choice of tens of thousands of athletes with an enoumous 86% protein content that is proven on a weekly basis through rigorous protein testing.

Added Pro Biotics & Digestive Enzymes
Another big difference between other standard whey products and Micro Whey is the standard inclusion of very special Digezyme enzymes and Lactospore pro-biotics. Digezyme enzymes have been extensively studied and shown to enhance protein digestion, whilst Lactospore pro-biotics, similar to those found in yoghurt, provide for a healthier gut. Note: Some brands will list pre-biotics, this is simply a term that describes a food source for beneficial bacteria, they DO NOT supply pro-biotic bacteria.

Preferentially selected Whey Protein, the Best
Reflex Nutrition go to great lengths to ensure that Micro Whey contains preferentially selected batches of whey protein isolate which are carefully chosen to meet A very strict criteria that dictate the highest levels of protein, with virtually zero fat and carbohydrate. Its all sourced from the EU and does NOT contain any hormones or heavy metals which can be found in some non EU material.

Micro Whey contains Bio-Active Fractions
The whey protein found in Micro Whey is made using cross flow micro filtration. This unique process is carried out at low temperature to preserve many beneficial bio-active whey fractions like Glycomacropeptide, Lactoferrin, Immunoglobulin and others.

Amazing range of flavours and sizes
Micro Whey comes in a huge range of flavours and sizes to suit just about everyone. You'll be amazed just how easily they mix and how good they taste when you consider the 86% protein content.
Container Size: 909g
Serving Size: 3 scoops (30g)
Servings Per Container: 30

Container Size: 2270g
Serving Size: 3 scoops (30g)
Servings Per Container: 75

Amount Per Serving:

Total Calories: 108
Protein: 26g
Total Carbohydrates: 0.2g
Fat: 0.3g
Sodium: 55mg
Potassium: 293mg
Digezyme: 50mg


Cross Flow Micro Filtered Whey Protein Isolate, Flavourings, Natural Colourings, Artificial Sweeteners (Splenda sucralose, acesulfame k), Digezyme® (digestive enzyme blend)

Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours
Take 3 measures (approx.30g) and mix with 250mls of water or milk and mix in a blender or shaker.
Reviews (14)

"I have switched to this from Instant Whey by Reflex, which was good... just wanted see if this made any difference... early signs are good. A very potent whey, so keeping at it!"

Posted by Matt  (18th May 2015)


"This has got to be the best whey you can buy , it is definitely the purist and has the highest protein content , with no other bulking up rubbish .it mixes really easily with water , or if you prefer milk , it tastes good is not gloopy and is easily digested . I have not suffered any bloating or gastric distress with this product . If you want the ultimate whey then micro whey is definitely the one ."

Posted by Rod urquhart  (25th February 2015)


"Quite simply the best protein i have tried up to now.

I have always been looking for a protein powder which doesnt make my skin play up (spots). I decided to give Reflex Micro Whey ago as its one of the best quality proteins you can buy (Native Whey). After 1 tub i found my skin was great. I really do think that some of the other proteins out there have so much rubbish in them they cause bad digestion problems etc which causes skin issues.

Mixing with milk is the best option, always mixes well and tastes real unlike some others which have a chemical taste.

The protein content/ scoop size is great, it never makes me feel sickly unlike others and overall i just love this product. I think my search is over. thx reflex for making a great product."

Posted by David Ward  (7th October 2014)


"The banana tastes really nice i will be definalty be buying this again"

Posted by jordan  (29th August 2013)


"i love this product i use it for years now"

Posted by bernie  (2nd September 2012)

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Q does this contain any soy products?


Q Hey , when u mean serving size is 3 scoops does this add up to the 30 grams = 26 grams of protein ?

It's a small scoop, 3 even scoops is 30g (26g protein).

Q Hi been looking for a good protein that's suitable for people with IBS/sensitive digestive system, is the Reflex Micro Whey any good? Thanks.

Hi, If you are a suffer of IBS or find that you are sensitive to certain digestive complaints, I would personally advocate speaking with your GP/other professional in order to determine what it is you are sensitive to, as it's very difficult to advise accordingly without knowing this. That said, it is fairly unusual for individuals to experience digestive discomfort when taking whey protein, so long as the product's directions are adhered to. In this case, Micro Whey would be a good choice.

Q I Live in liverpool .Post code L31 1hp,were is the nearest place for me to to get these products Thank you John

From our website as we only have 1 store in birmingham .

Q Im on 20 mg citalopram SSRI, and i am not really sure if i can take any whey which has thyropropan in because it might cause serotonin syndrome. Could you get back to me and suggest on it please Thanks

Do you mean "tryptophan" - the amino acid? If so, I don't think it's an issue as most proteins contain some tryptophan (even most plant foods probably contain some). That's my advice as a qualified nutritionist, however, when it comes to medication, you should only take advice from a qulified doctor.

Q Is this the best protein product for building/retaining lean muscle whilst getting ripped abs? Recently purchased Whey Maxx and was wondering which is better.

Micro whey is one of the best Isolate's on the market with virtually 0 fat 0 carbs. Its know as one of the best forms of protein you can take as the absorbtion rate is quicker than any other form of protein other that Hydrolyzed Whey protein ( The King ) Great for maintaining muscle mass and dieting down in order to reveal those abs. Use in combination with a solid diet plan and training routine. BUT if you are trying to build 1lb of muscle mass or 14lbs this will require more calories, so you should break up your training year into "gaining" phases and "cutting" phases, as one requires more calories (from food or a mass gainer) and the other requires fewer calories, high protein and low carbs. It is unlikely that you will be able to build muscle and burn fat at the same time unless you just started training or doing something different.

Q What products contain hydrolyzed whey?

Many products contain a small amount of hydrolysed whey (also known as whey protein hydrolysate and whey peptides) - such as Optimum Gold Whey, PhD Pharma Whey HT, Inner Armour Whey Protein. For one that has a high level of WPH, go with VP2 by AST, Hydro Whey by Optimum or NOP-47 by MuscleTech.

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