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USN 100% Premium Whey


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USN 100% Premium Whey


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USN 100% Premium Whey

USN’s 100% Premium Whey provides the purest form of this single protein substrate


Whey protein is the highest BV (Biological Value) protein available. Research has shown that the highest rate of nitrogen retention is achieved with whey protein.

USN’s 100% Premium Whey provides the purest form of this single protein substrate. Whey contains proteins such as lactalbumen and immunoglobulins.

Now with revolutionary MyoMatrix whey protein isolate and concentrate blend and Tolerase L digestive enzyme technology, which is a pH-stable lactase. Lactase enzyme improves lactose digestion in individuals who have difficulty digesting lactose.


Container Size: 1 Box
Serving Size: 1 Sachet (34g)
Servings Per Container: 12

Container Size: 908g
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (34g)
Servings Per Container: 26

Container Size: 2280g
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (34g)
Servings Per Container: 67

Raspberry Smoothie

Amount Per Serving:

Total Calories: 129
Protein: 24g
Total Carbohydrates: 3g
-Sugar (Lactose): 1.8g
-Dietary Fibre: 2.2g
Fat: 2.1g
-Saturates: 1.1g
Salt: 0.4g


Potassium: 178mg
Calcium: 149mg
Phosphorus: 89mg
Magnesium: 30mg


Whey Protein Concentrate, Nutriose FM® (Soluble Corn Fibre), Flavouring, Whey Protein Isolate, Colour (Red Beet), Thickener (Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum), Sodium Chloride, Sweeteners (Acesulfame-K, Sucralose), Citric Acid, Tolerase™ L (pH Stable Lactase).
Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours.
Allergens & Dietary Attributes:
  • Contains derivatives of milk.
For a 24g protein serving, add 1 heaped scoop to approximately 150ml-200ml cold water. Stir directly into a glass with a fork or mix in a blender or shaker for about 30 seconds. Have 2-4 servings daily.

Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours.
Reviews (71)

"Great product! Banana is my favourite but vanilla and strawberry taste good as well.

Been using these for over two months now and I have seen a huge improvement already.

Lets hope it keeps working!"

Posted by Jeremy  (12th October 2016)


"As an Ambassador for USN, I'm proud to be supporting the number one whey on the market.
Great taste, mixes well & supports my goals!"

Posted by Scott Alexander Francis  (12th February 2016)


"Really impressed! I've had shakes in the past where protein has failed to mix well but that is not an issue here. Great tasting (the Strawberry flavour in particular) with no chemical aftertaste, making this an ideal buy.

The service from The Supplement Store is great, too. The Next Day Delivery and tracking updates are fantastic and accurate.


Posted by Jonny  (11th August 2015)


"Its great in taste as i just strated so have to wait for results. Service also great from the supplement store so quiet pleased with all!"

Posted by M.Raza  (10th December 2014)


"I have used loads of different protein powders but this is by far my favourite.

The chocolate flavour is actually nice, no bloating, no stomach upsets, mixes easily in a shaker and ideal if you are on a low calorie/carb diet.

Would recommend to anyone."

Posted by Liam Ambrose  (14th May 2014)

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Q Are these shakes gluten free, if not can you advise me on the ones that are please?

Yeah it is gluten free

Q Can you please confirm , are this product: 100% Whey Protein 908g are suitable for vegetarian? Thanks

Yes except for the strawberry flavour.

Q hi there, i am doing abit of research,on some product i wanted to know whether this product is a bulking up product or if it is a product to build lean muscle. is it worth buying or is there better

All whey proteins are to meet your protein needs to help build muscle and recover from exercise. For bulking, use a weight gainer - they meet both your protein AND your calorie needs for gaining mass. Especially for young or lean guys with fast metabolisms.

Q Hi, I have not been taking any protein shakes for over a year as I ave increased my natural protein diet from high protein foods so high I believed I dont require it. But I have reallised I am missing a meal. I am looking to gaining more mass muscle but dont want to gain any weight. Will this usn tub be ideal?

It is very difficult to gain muscle without gaining some fat also - as you need to eat a lot of calories to gain muscle. I would recommend the USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic. If you find that it is causing you to gain fat then cut the serving size back to 2 scoops instead of 3. Take it once or twice per day and especially after exercise.

Q Hi, would this protien be a good protien to use when trying to cut up ?

Yes, this would be perfect to utilise when dieting.

Q i am already taking usn igf-1 but would taking 100% whey be more beneficial to take immediately after training or would igf-1 be suffice?

IGF-1 still has a high concentration of whey protein, so is fine for after training but a faster protein containing only whey is better for supplying amino acids to the muscle quickly for better growth and repair.

Q i saw your advert saying if i buy a 2.2kg tub of usn,it comes with a free tub of whey protein,is this true?

If this is one of our adverts then yes this is true - I believe if you buy a 2.2kg tub, you get a 1 kilo tub free. Check the deals that flash accross the top of the site.

Q when will choc orange be back in stock?

Now back in stock while stocks last.

Q Can i take the usn 100% whey protein with Even full cream milk and if not,why?

It is best to use with water as water speeds up the rate of digestion where as milk will slow it down dramatically taking 3-5 hours to digest. Milk will also add extra calories carbs and fats to your shake which if you are not looking to gain weight or body-fat is not a god thing.

Q can i use this product before a workout , for energy and i dont really eat in the morning

Protein will help you have a reasonable amount of amino's in the body ready for exercise but if it is energy and focus you are looking for then we would recommend you look at a pre-workout product like :- Gaspari - super pump 250 Muscletech - Nano Vapour. Phd - V max pump API - Rocked. No matter what your goal, you really should eat in the morning as calories eaten in the morning are more likely to increase muscle and less likely to be stored as fat! Try and consume your protein between 30 and 90 minutes prior to exercise.

Q can i use this with USN 19-Anabol Testo

Absolutely, a protein supplement is recommended with just about any supplement program whether you are trying to lose weight, gain lean muscle or get huge.

Q can you take this product with milk or is it better with cold water

Either is fine and this won't affect how the product works but the milk ads 120 calories, 9g protein, 12g carbs and 4.5g fat, so if you are trying to gain, this is a good idea. If you are trying to stay lean, you have to account for the extra calories and carbs that this will add to your diet.

Q Does it specify if the protein is suitable for vegetarians?

This product is suitable for vegetarians except the strawberry flavour.

Q Does this product contain any stimulants?


Q Does this protein contain caffeine or any green tea extracts?


Q does this supplement have soy or soya in it

No, it's main sources are derived from whey protein.

Q Hello,I am a 24 lady wanting to gain weight.For how long should I consume usn 100% whey protein before I can actually gain lean muscle?

It depends entirely on your genetics, training and nutrition. If you are consuming more calories than you are expending then you will gain weight. Genetics, training and nutrition will determine what quantities of muscle and fat you will put on.

Q Hello,this is my first protein shake and would like some guides on how and when to use it. i work out 3 times a week,is it recommend to have the shake on the days i dont work out? Any recommendations would be great,thanks.

Whey protein can be used any time of the day or night. Take 1-3 servings per day in between meals or with a meal that is lacking in a good source of protein. On training days take 1 serving 1hr before training and 1 serving immediately after. Review manufactures directions of use.

Q hi ! first time using whey proteins, mixing one scoop with 150ml as per instructions but not much of shake does it reduce the effect if i dilute it too much

The level of water you wish to use is your choice. This will however make the whey protein shake thinner but will not negatively affect the whey protein in any way.

Q Hi all, Can I use this Usn 100%whey before bed ? I have heard mixed news that whey protein is same as taking caesin protein before bed. Please advise if I am right in this ? If not, what other product combines both whey and caesin protein in one product ?

If you go for USN Pure Protein IGF-1 you'll get the fast, muscle-building effects of whey, whith the slow effects of casien, which may be better for preventing muscle breakdown during times when you don't get protein for long durations - like at night.

Q Hi can I use USN whey protein shakes while pregnant? I'm 20 weeks.

Protein requirements during pregnancy are said to increase by approximately 6g per day (allowing for individual variance), to allow for growth and development of the foetus. Whey protein contains all nine essential amino acids, so it is thought of as a 'complete protein' source. Because of this, I would say adding a whey supplement to your diet could be deemed as beneficial. However, I would recommend that you speak with your midwife/other professional regarding any notable changes you make to your diet whilst pregnant/breastfeeding.

Q Hi I'm 14 how much should I have a day and can I mix fruit in with it

We would not recommend that any persons under the age of eighteen take dietary supplements – in particular weight gainers or any anabolic products. The reason for this is as an adolescent, your body is still growing and developing, and it is best to allow this important process to be happen naturally. It is fine for you to eat a healthy diet and follow a sensible exercise regime - in fact, these positive lifestyle habits are to be positively encouraged, but for the time being, I would concentrate on incorporating regular exercise into your life; eating well and maintaining your fitness levels, rather than focus on building muscle, until such time your body is fully mature. I hope you consider the above information to be useful. If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to forward your query via this email address:

Q hi im about 90 kg (200 pounds) and lift wights three times a week, i was using bodyfortress but wasent feeling much results, jus wondering how many scoops would you recomend to have and also what shall i dilute it with and finally how much liquid, also when sould i be taking the protein shake ?

Protein can be taken any time in the day. We recommend you follow the manufactures directions of use on the side of the container. Generally you will take 1-2 scoops up to 3 times per day in between meals and post work out for best results. But the amount you take depends upon how often and how hard you train and how much other protein you get in your diet.

Q hi there, I use muscle fuel mass,but it looks like am getting bigger, I don't want to get big, I just want to be ripped. can you tell me which protein will make me ripped

Well the word “MASS” says it all. If you are taking a mass gainer you will gain weight which is helped by the large number of carbs that are present. Try a lean gainer like USN 100% Whey Protein stacked with Grenade fat burner.

Q Hi, I have been taking USN for few months now and I was on the net looking for any special deals and I come across your website. Firstly what attracted me to your website was the simplistic and minimilistic approach on your website. very bold and direct. However whilst searching for the USN 100% Whey Protein 2.2KG I came across another place that does it much cheaper than your store. Costco in Manchester retail the same supplement for £29.99. I would be really surprised if you can price match that? Let me know what are thoughts Kind Regards

Thanks for the feedback Muhammed. More often than not we can price match a price when we can view it on a website, however as Costco is a wholesale company we unfortunately cannot price match their prices.

Q Hi, I am currently taking Muscle Fuel Anabolic prior to training and would like to have whey protein afterwards, and maybe for breakfast also. Would you recommend this product to be taken side by side with the Muscle Fuel Anabolic?

Yes this would be perfect.

Q Hi, i was wondering what is the size of the 2.28 kg tub. some protein tubs are massive and i was wondering could this fit in a sports bag or anything to get home??? All help appreciated

The tub is close to - Height 31cm - Width 18cm

Q Hi, when is the best time to have the whey protein, before a workout or after. if before, how long before and if after, how long after the workout? I usually have a fruit and then have the whey protein, is that ok.

Take one serving 45min prior to workout and one serving immediately after workout.

Q I am female and looking to lose weight but not gain muscle mass, i only want to tone up. I dont get enough protein in my diet. would taking protein bulk me up or help me towards my weight loss goals? Thanks

Only those individuals who are serious about gaining muscle mass will utilise protein supplements to help them achieve this; protein will not cause you to 'bulk up' unless you are also following a strict training regime to purposely build muscle. If you are looking to lose weight, ensuring that you are getting an adequate supply of protein in your diet is an excellent step to take. Protein will aid weight loss and the acquirement of a lean (but not overly-muscular) physique for two main reasons: firstly, it will help to stabilise blood glucose levels, so that your appetite is more stable, and you experience a reduction in sugar cravings. Secondly, protein will help to preserve lean muscle tissue and aid repair following exercise. Muscle is metabolically active and will help to burn fat; what is more, when you are restricting calories on a weight-loss plan, you risk losing muscle tissue. A sufficient protein intake will help to prevent this occurring. I would recommend taking a serving 100% Whey Protein say, mid-morning, and following a workout, with additional servings taken to bridge nutritional gaps. Alternatively, you may wish to try PhD Nutrition Diet Whey 2kg, £39.99 instead, as this contains green tea extract plus CLA and other nutrients which will aid weight loss. I hope the above information assists in answering your query.

Q I wanted to know can i just take the protein shake b4 gym and after gym that is all. I also want to know do i still got to eat breakfast and eat after gym and then take protein shake or just take the protein shake and not eat?

We strongly recommend you take one serving 1hr prior to training and one serving post workout.

Q Is the usn 100% whey protein strawberry flavour suitable for vegeterians

It consists of Whey protein which is not suitable for vegetarians.

Q Is this product suitable for vegetarians? If not why?

Whey Protein Premium may contain traces of crustaceans - this is why it is not deemed suitable, as 100% vegetarian ingredients cannot be guaranteed.

Q this 100%whey protin usn for best result when i have to take and what kind of help this protin pleas let me know and how to take thanks

Take 1-3 servings daily in between meals and pre/post workout.

Q What is the difference between 100% whey protein and whey protein premium? What would you recommend?

Whey Protein Premium is simply a new name for 100% Whey Protein.

Q What is the difference between this and USN Pure protein GF-1? I can see just through nutritional information that the whey protein contains less protein per serving, is this the only real difference? I'm wanting to lose weight and tone so would whey protein be better just to take post gym workout? Thanks

Protein GF-1 contains varying sources of high quality protein, along with several B vitamins to aid muscular repair and development. Pure Protein Premium is a high quality protein supplement containing BCAAs. I hope the above addresses your query.

Q What temperature is this product produced at ?

We would not know this question as we are not the manufacture. Please contact USN direct.

Q when takening whey protein twice a day when are the best 2 times to take it to get the best gains

Whey protein can be used at any time day or night to help supplement a healthy diet. Best taken in-between meals to stop hunger cravings and to keep you fuller for longer. Essential to take immediately post-workout to speed up the rate of recovery after exercise.

Q which is the better of the two to use this whey or the usn pure protein ?

Whey is the best protein - especially for morning and for after training. If you go long periods without protein or take it before bed, there may be advantages to the Pure Protein as it supplies aminos to your bloodstream for a longer duration.

Q would this product show up on a drugs test

No, this would be perfectly fine to take.

Q how many times a day should I be taking this I go to the gym 3 times a week I'm 57 had a heart attack over a year ago heart beat 39 beats a minuet at rest was told that was good by a medic only telling you this information in case it makes a difference in your reply Br Keith

Hi Keith Whey protein is a protein from milk, so no concerns with it causing any heart problems...whey also has several health benefits. 39 BPM is indeed excellent. You can take whey protein 1-3 times daily (or more). The key to deciding is to get 2 grams of protein for every kilogram of your body weight. So count up your grams of protein intake and add the correct amount of protein into your diet from whey protein to add up to at least 2 grams per kilo. Try to always take it right after training and if you don't eat for a while before exercise, take a serving an hour before also.

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