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USN Pure Protein GF-1


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USN Pure Protein GF-1


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USN Pure Protein GF-1

USN’s Pure Protein GF-1 is a protein blend consisting of a precise mixture of different protein sources

USN Pure Protein GF-1

Add 2 Of Any Product In Our Clearance Section To Your Basket and You'll Only Be Charged For 1!

Add 2 Of Any Product In Our Clearance Section To Your Basket and You'll Only Be Charged For 1!

Add 2 Of Any Product In Our Clearance Section To Your Basket and You'll Only Be Charged For 1!


USN’s Pure Protein GF-1 is a protein blend consisting of a precise mixture of different protein sources. Protein is the structural core of the human body and is at work in every single cell. Protein performs many essential functions in the body. It is required for growth and repair of tissues.

The quality of a protein is determined by its amino acid profile. Milk and high-quality soy, combine essential and nonessential amino acids (protein building blocks) to support muscle growth and maintenance.

USN’s Pure Protein GF-1 provides an excellent source of protein which the body can use to build and maintain muscle tissue during and after intense physical activity. This scientifically engineered formula is a must for any athlete, body-builder or individual. Pure Protein is a great tasting shake and mixes easily.

Container Size: 1 box
Serving Size: 1 Sachet (56g)
Servings Per Container: 12

Container Size: 1000g
Serving Size: 2 scoops (56g)
Servings Per Container: 17

Container Size: 2280g
Serving Size: 2 scoops (56g)
Servings Per Container: 40

Amount Per Serving:

Total Calories: 203
Protein: 40g
Total Carbohydrates: 2.2g
-Sugars: 1.2g
-Dietary Fibre: 2g
Fat: 2.8g
-Saturates: 1.2g
-Of which MCTs: 1g
Sodium: 101mg
Calcium: 493mg
Phosphorus: 224mg
Magnesium: 134mg
Vitamin A: 400µg
Vitamin D: 2.2µg
Vitamin E: 4.4mgTE
Vitamin C: 30mg
Vitamin B1: 0.8mg
Vitamin B2: 0.8mg
Niacin: 8.9mg
Vitamin B6: 1.3mg
Folic Acid: 100mg
Vitamin B12: 0.5µg
Biotin: 50µg
Pantothenic Acid: 3mg
Total Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s): 9g
Total L-Glutamine/Glutamic Acid: 8g
Soy Isoflavones: 7mg


Whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, high isoflavone soy protein isolate, cocoa powder (only in chocolate and cappuccino versions), fructose, MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil, rice starch, Lactoval® (milk mineral complex high in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium), stabiliser: cellulose gum, egg albumen, colour: red beet powder, (only in strawberry version), flavourant, whey protein isolate, Tolerase™ L (pH-stable lactase), magnesium oxide, l-ascorbic acid, non-nutritive sweetener: sucralose, colour: E124** (only in strawberry version), nicotinamide, d-alpha tocopherol acetate, d-biotin, pyridoxine-5-phosphate, cholecalciferol, thiamine, HCl, riboflavine, cyanocobalamin, pteroylmonoglutamic acid, colour: E133 (only in pistachio version).


Allergens: Contains Milk, Soy & Egg protein. Ingredients may contain traces of tree nuts, peanuts and crustaceans.

Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours.
Add 2 scoops (56g) to 300-350ml of cold water in a hand held shaker and shake for 30 seconds. Allow to settle for 45 seconds before drinking. Have 2-3 servings daily (including 1 serving 1 hour prior to bed time). Servings may be halved. Allergen information contains milk protein and soy protein.
Reviews (68)

"Excellent product packed with the right nutrition for serious athletes. Easy to mix and delicious to taste."

Posted by Mark Hattersley  (20th January 2016)


"I like this brand and I buy USN products often. I opted for Chocolate Mint, which was nice and tasty, rather than it being ‘muddy’, or too sweet. This time I went for Mutant. Waiting for results."

Posted by Martin Pauco  (4th January 2016)


"A top quality product with a nice flavour. A reliable service with quick dispatch and no postage to pay. I would highly recommend the product and retailer."

Posted by Nav  (1st January 2016)


"It’s my first time using this product; the flavour and texture is fantastic, although I've been mixing it with coconut milk as I'm not that keen on mixing proteins with just water."

Posted by David Redmile  (8th November 2015)


"A good multi-blend protein for me to have any time. Mixes well in water and tastes creamy."

Posted by Andy  (13th October 2015)

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Q can i get this in 5kg?

2.2 kilo is the biggest size that they do.

Q does this contain wheat?? only just found out im wheat intolerent , if it does contain wheat at all what is the best protein that does not , dont want to bulk up , just be lean . cheers

I think I answered this

Q Hello, Ive working out for a few months and have decided to take protein, however, I am a vegetarian, so i wanted to know if this product is suitable for vegetarians, and could you also let me know what other products in the market are suitable for vegetarians. Your help will be greatly appreaciated, thanks.

This product has no animal source ingredients except milk and egg protein. Most of the whey and combination proteins are the same but if you want to ask about one or more specific products to make sure, just send us another question.

Q Hey. i am 11 stone dead and have been for a while. I weight train 5 times a week with the aim of building muscle and strength so i reach around 12 stone in weight, obviously through muscle hypertrophy. will pure protein IGF-1 help me with this? thanks

IGF-1 will help you hit your protein requirements but if you have a fast metabolism or have trouble putting on muscle, then you're probably better off with a weight gainer or an All-in-One product that has more calories.

Q hi , iv just found out that im wheat intolerent and am currently using this product , does it contain any traces of wheat? if so what would be the best protein , dont want to bulk up just be lean , thanks

Can you specify if you've actually been dianosed with Crohns Disease or had an allergy test that gave a positive IgE result (which confirms an allergy) or some other "sensitivitly"? Either way, Pure Protein doesn't list any wheat ingredients on its label. Be aware, one hidden source of wheat protein that you have to be aware of with supplements is glutamine peptides. Sorry for slow response due to essential maintanance

Q Hi, Is USN Pure Protein IGF-1 same product as Metrx Pro Plus and CNP Pro Peptide? As all 3 above products seem to have the same nutrients and ingredients etc for the same efffects etc?

They are all combination proteins yes meaning they contain more than one form of protein but each product will be different . Some will use more slow digesting proteins where as others will use more fast acting proteins.

Q Hi. When trying to add muscle mass which is better, a basic Whey protein isolate and concentrate blend or a blend of different types of protein like usn pure protein IGF-1? I get confused on which to buy! Thanks.

Whey protein is the best protein from a muscle-building, post-workout, health, recovery, etc point of view. However, you may benefit from a protein blend product (which includes whey) if you go long periods without protein or if you don't eat a high-protein meal shortly before bed. Whey feeds amino acids to the muscle for about 4 hours, after that it will have been fully digested, whereas blends can continue to deliver aminos to the bloodstream for over 10 hours.

Q How does this compare to Reflex Peptide Fusion? Which of the two will last longer in terms of price per serving?

These are both high-quality protein blends. Pure protein is a better deal per gram of protein (Fusion recommends only 1 scoop and Pure Pro is 2 - twice the size serving - but you can take a half or twice the serving size of either depending upon your needs so this is irrelevant). Also, Pure Protein is £3.00 less money. So you get more protein for your money with Pure Protein.

Q How many mg of cholesterol per serving?

Cholesterol isn't listed on these products, so this information can only be obtained from the manufacturer (USN)

Q I have been advised in order to drop 14 lbs I should eat 1gram of protein per lean body mass. I will train (cardio swimming and some weights) 5 days a week is this a good product to help hit my protein count? Kind regards

This would be a perfect product to help with your protein requirements, which also has added multi-vitamins. IGF-1 is ideal to get that extra protein hit if during the day you haven't reached your protein requirement.

Q I'm on nitro-tech for a while and i would say it gave results but want to try other protein products. should i buy pure protein IGF-1 or stick to nitro-tech. any suggestion which is just as good as nitro-tech?

To get the same effects as Nitro-Tech, you would have to take some kind of All-in-One product (which still wouldn't likely be as strong). Perhaps Synergy Iso-7 or Muscle Fuel Anabolic if you need the extra calories, which help you gain faster.

Q Is taking IGF-1 pre-workout and muscle fuel anabolic post-workout a good idea, also i take animal pak and omega capsules is this a good stack for packing on muscle?

That sounds like a very good stack. You could add some "slow" carbs 1 or 2 hours before training for energy and a better pump along with perhaps a pre-workout product for focus/energy/pump. If you aren't making good gains this way, then you simply aren't getting enough calories to fuel growth.

Q Is there a scoop included?

Yes, there is.

Q ive heard good things about this and phd pharma whey, ive had the phd before but i am wondering what else is availablile taking into consideration im only 14 which is better out of the two ?? thanks :)

Pharma Whey is our best selling product. The flavour is great (especially the Strawberry). IGF-1 is also one of our best sellers and gets good reviews for quality and taste. You can't really go wrong with either. No problem using whey protein at your age. Whey is a natural milk protein that is specially processed to remove the extra fat and carbs and preserve the protein in its natural state. Several studies show that whey hase numerous health benefits beyond its well-deserved reputation as the best muscle-building protein.

Q What could i stack this product with ? could i stack it with: USN Recover xcell? USN Muscle Fuel anabolic?

It depends upon what you are trying to achieve - For the fastest gains in muscle and strength, use Anabolic. If you just want a basic post-workout recovery drink, try Recover Xcell.

Q what flavours is this product in. it doesnt say.

If you click the drop down bar on the product page that says “select an option” you will see the variety of flavours.

Q am skinny and want to gain some small muscle , will this product help me?

Hi. A protein powder with high carbs would be ideal, so a weight gainer product. Try Hyperbolic Mass, or Muscle Fuel Mass by USN. Thanks

Q Apart from diarrhea what are the other side effects of IGF-1

There are no known side effects to using this product. Diarrhoea is common in some individuals who don't consume enough whole foods and fibre in their diets or simply its just your body getting used to a new product.

Q can a 15 year old girl use usn to lose weight savely

Yes but we recommend not exceeding the recommended dosage.

Q can i half the serving so its 20gms of protein per serving ?

Absolutely, manufacturers just "suggest" serving sizes, everyone's nutrition/rpotein needs are different due to body size, diet, training, etc...

Q can i mix this product with milk instead of water ?

Yes but this will add calories to the shake and also slow its absorbtion.

Q could you use this product along side shred-x or grenade for extra fat burning or would this effect the performance of the product thanks

This would be a perfect product to use alongside one of those fat burners and will increase the amount of muscle tissue kept during dieting.

Q Hi I am currently on a very low protein diet but struggling to eat breakfast...would a serving of this be ok as a replacement? My aim is under 20g carbs per day...also does this contain sugars? Thanks

This is perfect for an added hit of protein and only contains 1.2grams of sugars. Therefore could be taken anytime during the day including post workout.

Q Hi, I'm having to loose some weight and have been told shakes are ok as long as there's at least 20grams of protein and no more than 150 cals. What I need to do is have 3 to 4 shakes a day plus water, this would be for a period of a month or more. Reading all the info I think this product would be ok?

This product will definitely help with losing body fat if that is what you desire, be sure to eat real food with this and just don't base your nutrition on purely a liquid diet. Incorporating weights and cardio could potentially make the fat loss more effective.

Q hi, just need you to clarify if usn pure protein igf-1 is actually suitable for vegetarians and if it states that on the tub. You answered a similar question with egg and milk proteins only which i did not understand. Cheers.

This product contains dairy ingredients but doesn't contain any other obvious animal source products. So as far as I can tell it is fine for vegetarians. However, I've looked at the ingredients for the chocolate flavour, if you opt for strawberry, ensure the colouring "cochineal red" is not in the ingredients, as that is sourced from animals.

Q Hiii... I am a 29 yrs female and I am looking for weight loss...I have started taking protein shakes(usn igf-1, phd diet whey, soya isolate - I alternate between theses so that I dont get bored) to increase the protein intake in my daily diet because I am bored of eating chicken breast all the time... Is it good for weight loss ?? I do strength training thrice a week... Please tell me what is the best time to have usn igf-1 and how much should I have (1 scoop or 2 scoop)?

The protein sources you are using are fine as both contain high quality protein with very minimal carbs. Most people look to stack a quality protein with a fat burner like:- Grenade Lipo 6 black Hydroxycut Hardcore which will help you burn calories more efficiently and help decrease your weight. We would recommend using IGF 1 in between meals to fill the gaps and immediately post work out. Please refer to manufactures directions of use for this product.

Q I am 72 but still quite active. I want to just reduce my weight & waistline. Can I take u s n pure protein powder to supplement my normal diet. How much should I take?

It is recommended that you take 2-3 servings daily (according to your daily routine/exercise habits). One serving post-exercise is to be recommended; you may wish to take a serving in the morning with breakfast (or mid-morning), and then an additional serving where necessary, to bridge any nutritional gaps. Eating regularly (inclusive of protein shakes) will help to avoid peaks and troughs in blood glucose levels and maintain satiety, promoting a more stable appetite.

Q I am after the breakdown of the % of whey/soy etc if possible

Pure Protein IGF-1 contains 40g (per serving) of STS™ (Sustained Transport System) protein, which consists of Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) and Concentrate (WPC) blend, together with Calcium Caseinate, Egg Albumen and Soy Protein Isolate. I am unsure of the exact quantities of whey and soy, I am afraid. I hope the above information assists with your query.

Q I am confused at the scoop size which come with the protein. It is 50g which means 2 scoops is 100g. Advises 56g per serving. Does this mean to use one scoop??

Don't worry about what the scoop says, just follow the instructions on the label as to how many scoops to use. Sorry for the slow response due to essential maintenance

Q i am currently going through a stripping phase for a competition and I have bought some fat burners and my training has changed according now I am decideing on my protein supplement I don't know weather or not to use this or go for a all in one as I want to keep my lean muscle mass and strip off the body fat any suggestions on protein supplements to take ?

Thank you for your query. I would suggest that if aiming to strip body fat, you opt for a high quality protein supplement (such as GF-1), as opposed to a mass gainer, then couple this with a fat burning supplement. Reason being, mass gainers are comprised of a concentrated source of macronutrients - most notably - carbohydrates. Getting the carbohydrate equilibrium correct is essential in ensuring that you successfully achieve the fat loss you desire, whilst not compromising on lean muscular gains. To explain further, as you are probably aware, carbohydrates are the body's preferred fuel source; they are responsible for causing an insulin spike (insulin is often dubbed as the body's natural, anabolic hormone, and can contribute to muscle tissue development), and supply fuel for muscles in order to power you through your workout. Carbohydrates eaten within approximately half an hour post-workout will also help to replenish glycogen stores that are depleted during exercise. However, if you are aiming to reduce body fat, taking in surplus carbohydrates may prevent fat loss from occurring (though this will largely depend on the quality of carbohydrates you are consuming, as well as when you are eating them). If carbohydrate intake is reduced, then fat loss will inevitably occur - if the body’s primary fuel source is limited, then fat will be burned to make up the deficit in energy requirements. For maximum fat loss and muscle preservation, thus, I would advocate teaming GF-1 with a fat burner, such as USN Xedra-Cut Ultra XT 90ct, £22.99 or Grenade Thermo Detonator 100ct, £29.99. I hope you find the above information helpful.

Q I am thinking about using supplements for the first time. My trainer recommended this product. I've heard that it causes diarrhoea, is this true? Will it have me running off to the toilet all the time? Thanks.

We doubt it causes diarrhoea, as it wouldn't be the one of the best selling protein blends on the market. That incident could of been down to a number of factors regarding the user, diet, training etc. Some users react different to the products as their food intolerances differ from person to person.

Q I needs to reduce my fat and develop my muscle, so I have chosen this product. My question do I needs to cut down intake calories and replace with protein shake? And how many times needs to take for maximum result?

Pure Protein GF-1 is generally considered as something which can be used inbetween meals, to bridge nutritional gaps; pre and post-workout, to aid recovery and/or before bed. It can be used as a meal replacement on occasion, but it is not recommended that you make this habitual, or replace more than one meal a day with it. As part of a balanced diet and exercise routine, Pure Protein GF-1 can help you to achieve desired results. USN recommend taking 2-3 servings as required.

Q I use to take USN Whey protein and developed really bad pimples as soon as i stopped it slowly subsided is the Pure protein stronger than Whey and is one of the side effects severe acene?

We are not yet heard of Acne being associated with protein intake, this is more likely caused by diets high in saturated fats and poor quality nutrition. Not saying you follow a poor diet but we have no seen any research studies that show protein increases bouts of acne.

Q I want to cut mussle not bulk up is this correct product for me? Thanks lee

Any low fat low carb protein is ideal for cutting. Most people will like to stack a low carb protein with an effective fat burner like - Grenade Hydroxy cut hardcore lipo 6 black Animal cuts to help speed up there metobolic rate to burn calories more efficiently.

Q I would like to lose weight and gain muscle to get in a better shape will this protien help me lose weight and gain muscle? & how many servings will I have to take to achieve my goals?

Any low carb (and low fat) protein should aid in fat loss, as protein makes you feel full longer and requires more energy to metabolize. You should aim for a minimum of 2 grams of protein for every 1 kilo of your body weight daily and keep cutting your carbs (especially the starchy and sugary ones and especially at night) until you are losing about 1 kilo per week - this will need adjusting because you'll lose more fat and weight early on but then the losses will come more slowly and require more restriction and/or more exercise. Take as many servings as needed daily to achieve the recommendation below when added to your other dietary protein intake.

Q I've just starting training again after a break of a few years and want to lose a bit of weight to start with and tone up as i'm naturally a big guy and the size will come once I'm back into it a decent routine. Currently using Gaspari Myofusion but was wondering if something like the USN would be more suited as it might be absorbed slower and I'm only taking one measure a day. Any advice will be appreciated.

IGF-1 is a combination protein whereas Myofusion is a standard whey protein. If you are going longer than 3hrs+ without a source of protein then we would recommend using USN IGF-1 for a slower release of protein.

Q If my immediate goal is to cut a lot of weight but would also like to build muscle, do you advise tackling the weight loss first before adding pure protein to my diet, or can I introduce this protein to my diet as part of a weight loss program

This is an interesting query, and one which is presented often. In short, as you mention, it is best to focus on reducing body fat first; this is a catabolic process, involving the breakdown of tissue. Acquiring muscle mass is an anabolic mechanism, which requires the building of tissue. Generally, weight loss will ensue as a result of simultaneously increasing cardiovascular activity and reducing calorie intake (namely from foods of a carbohydrate source). However, during this period, protein intake is of utmost importance, because adequate supply will help to prevent you from losing valuable muscle tissue. Protein-rich foods (and supplements) are more satisfying, as so can help to stabilise your appetite, too, further supporting your weight loss efforts. It is possible to improve muscle tone and condition whilst you are losing weight; if you incorporate weight lifting into your training regime, and make the appropriate changes to your diet, you can indeed, begin to build lean muscle whilst you reduce body fat. Once you have achieved your desired weight (fat) loss, you can then work on increasing muscle mass there on out. I hope this information has addressed your question.

Q Is it ok to mix with semi skimmed milk

Yes but just be aware that you will be adding extra calories carbs and fats the product.

Q is this okay for just turned 14 year olds?

We would say no but please contact USN direct for further details.

Q Strange question but do you know what the equivalent of one 28g scoop is in ml? I'm away and have forgotten my scoop, don't have access to weighing scales but do have kitchen measuring spoons in ml.

We could guess at around 80ml of protein powder although they cannot be evenly equated exactly due to the fact that a millilitre is a unit of volume and the gram is a unit of mass. So, the number of grams per milliliter depends on the density of the substance.

Q The label says use 300-350ml of water, would it make any difference if I decreased the water to say 200ml?

Nope, it was just make the shake thicker.

Q What liquid do you add to this product? Water/Milk? Cheers.

Either is fine and won't affect the protein quality or absorption but the milk obviously adds extra carbs and calories but on the bright side it adds protein also.

Q where in Dubai can i buy protein ifg 1

Unfortunately we do not ship to Dubai and therefore have no contacts in that area.

Q which product is better from the USN company the 100% whey protien or the pure protien, i have had arguments from both sides which are really good but i cannot deside, i have both of these products but which should i use in the long run, by the way i am looking to gain mass and lose fat.

Well for starters the 100% whey protein is just a standard whey protein product whereas the pure protein IGF1 is a combination protein consisting of fast and slow release proteins and loaded with BCAA’s and multivitamins. The 100% whey protein is ideal for first thing in the morning and immediately post workout whereas pure protein igf1 is perfect for during the day and before bed. Everyone wants to build mass and loose body fat but the reality is, we can’t. You need more calories than you are burning in a day to build muscle and around 500 calories less a day to decrease body fat. Use USN Muscle fuel mass, hyperbolic mass or muscle fuel anabolic on a daily basis to consume the extra calories you need to promote muscle growth.

Q Which protein powder would you suggest for someone looking to gain size and lean muscle who struggles to put on weight? cheers

You need more calories than a protein powder can deliver if you struggle to put on weight. Try Muscle Fuel Anabolic and use it at least once per day (right after training on training days and firts thing in the morning or between meals on non-training days).

Q Will i make gains off of this product? i am 6ft tall 72kg, slim. want to become very very lean with muscle gain but lots of definition

This is a protein blend designed to give you a steady stream of aminos at different intervals, this will help keep the body anabolic (muscle building/regeneration) whilst keeping bodyfat levels low, this would be suitable for someone who is trying to increase muscle definition.

Q Would i still be able to gain lean muscle and size by just taking this product on the days i hit the gym? Cheers.

Only if you were very strict in getting enough quality calories and protein at all of your meals. Even then, normal foods don't deliver the same quantity and quality of amino acids that the body needs for growth. It would be better than taking nothing but not optimal.

Q Hi there, I'm just under 10 stone and pretty skinny. I've joined the gym 4 weeks ago and train weight 2-3 times a week. I want to go up to 12 stone by building muscle. I haven't been taking any supplements yet however I'm seriously thinking about it. Would this product be good in my case or should I get some all-in-one type or more calories products? Many thanks

Hi, If you struggle to gain weight – due to a fast metabolism – you may be more suited to taking a mass gainer or all-in-one (as you mention), rather than a whey protein. The latter will aid recovery and the synthesis of muscle fibres, but gaining significant lean mass is difficult if calorie/carb. intake is insufficient; mass gainers contain substantial carbohydrates as well as protein to facilitate this process. If, however, you are training two to three times a week, you may find that a mass gainer will increase your calorie/carb. intake and lead to fat gains. The only way to acquire lean mass is to train regularly and consistently, and support this process with a sound eating plan which includes plenty of high quality protein, carbs., fats and micronutrients, utilising supplements to bolster this formula. A good diet is key; whey protein can be taken as a recovery drink, post-training and to bridge any nutritional gaps (to prevent the body from using valuable muscle tissue to meet its nitrogen and amino acid requirements), or opt for all-in-one type of product, such as USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic 2kg, £32.95, if you feel your diet alone is not providing the necessary macronutrient profile. The key to gaining muscle mass is to not place too much emphasis on cardiovascular work; instead, focusing on a weight-training regime, with some cardio/conditioning included. I hope this information is helpful to you.    

Q I have read some reviews and when people say 'gain' what do they mean? Will this product make me put on weight? I want to lose a little bit of weight but mainly i want to tone up, just concerened that this might make me put on weight? Sorry if this question has already been answered.

  When people speak of desirable weight gain, this usually relates to an increase in lean muscle mass, as opposed to (often) undesirable fat gain.    Attaining muscle mass transpires as a result of consistently training particular muscle groups; adequate nutrition – especially protein – is necessary for the growth and repair of muscle tissue, and helps to synthesise new muscle fibres, as well as maintain existing mass.    Protein intake does not lead to fat gain (this biological pathway does exist, but is an almost impossible occurrence under normal circumstances and would likely require a protein intake of extreme [near impossible] proportions that would simply not become habitual enough to cause fat gain). It is surplus carbohydrate intake that is responsible for gaining body fat.    Acquiring notable muscle mass will only arise if your exercise regime is tailored to this result, and protein will assist this process. Otherwise, supplementation will ensure a speedy recovery and a good intake of amino acids. Protein also has a natural, appetite-suppressing effect, and can help to stabilise blood sugar levels, thus, aiding fat loss.    I hope the above information assists in answering your question.  

Q Hello there, just need some advice..I’m currently using the USN GF1 protein but wanted to know if it contains enough BCAA’S and Glutamine for the daily intake or would I need to maybe buy them separately to increase the intake? What is the daily intake for BCAA’S and Glutamine?

Hi Nasser, you should probably have about 20-30g of BCAAs daily depending upon body weight but there is no recommendation as such. All meats, eggs and fish are good sources, so it depends upon your diet. Each serving of GF-1 contians about 9 grams of BCAA. So if you eat 3-4 servings of these protein foods per day along with 1 or 2 GF-1 shakes, you should be fine. Of course eat more or bigger portions if you are a bigger guy. Glutamine wise, it contains about 8g or glutamine and glutamine precursers, so this is a good amount along with the food you eat.

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