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USN Hyperbolic Mass


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USN Hyperbolic Mass


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USN Hyperbolic Mass

HyperBolic Mass has been scientifically designed to help you achieve your calorie intake and muscle-building goals

USN Hyperbolic Mass has been scientifically formulated for individuals with a fast metabolism who demand a high level of energy from quality protein and carbohydrates to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue for energy.

The 50g Anabolic Protein Matrix contains high levels of natural Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) and glutamine. Perhaps among the most beneficial and effective supplements in any sports nutrition program are the BCAA’s, leucine, isoleucine and valine. The combination of these three essential amino acids make up approximately 1/3 of skeletal muscle in the human body, and play an important role in protein synthesis, and thus muscle growth and repair.

Glutamine again is the most abundant amino acid found in the human body and is solely responsible for over 35% of the nitrogen that enters the muscles. Some research may suggest that glutamine has a unique contribution to protein synthesis (muscle growth), anti-proteolytic functions (preventing muscle breakdown) and growth hormone supporting effects. Keeping a consistently high level of circulating growth hormone may allow you to combat any catabolic effects of weight training even further. Glutamine may also play a part in maintaining proper blood glucose levels and the right pH range.

The HyperBolic Hard-gainer stack provides a wide array of other potential muscle-enhancing ingredients like amino acids, ß-alanine, HMB, natural testosterone optimizers, as well as different creatine forms.

HyperBolic Mass has been scientifically designed to help you achieve your calorie intake and muscle-building goals. It provides many positive attributes all delivered in a compact, tasty drink.
Container Size: 2000g
Serving Size: 3 scoops (300g)
Servings Per Container: 6

Container Size: 6000g
Serving Size: 3 scoops (300g)
Servings Per Container: 20

Amount Per Serving:

Total Calories: 1113
Protein: 50g
Total Carbohydrates: 220g
-Sugars: 35g
-Dietary Fibre: 1.7g
Fat: 2g
Sodium: 927g
Potassium: 235mg
Phosphorous: 446mg
Magnesium: 47mg
Vitamin A: 375mg (RE)
Vitamin D: 1.9mg
Vitamin E: 3.8mg(TE)
Vitamin C: 23mg
Vitamin B1: 0.5mg
Vitamin B2: 0.6mg
Niacin: 6.8mg
Vitamin B6: 0.8mg
Folic acid: 75mcg
Vitamin B12: 0.4mcg
Biotin: 30mcg
Pantothenic acid: 1.5mg


4-Stage Glyco-Matrix Carb system (Long chain glucose polymers, Dextrose monohydrate, Fructose, Waxy maize starch), 6-Stage Anabolic Protein Matrix [Whey protein concentrate and isolate blend, Ultra purified (water filtrated) high isoflavone soy protein isolate, Calcium caseinate, Micellar casein, Milk protein isolate], Creatine monohydrate, Di-creatine malate, L-glycine, Rice starch, Cocoa powder (only in chocolate variant), Stabilizer: cellulose gum, Taurine, Flavourants, Magnesium oxide, Calcium phosphate, Non-nutritive sweetener: Sucralose, MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil, Avena sativa (10:1 extract), Zymatech Lactazyme blend (lactase), L-glutamine, Glutamine peptides, Sodium chloride, Glutamine AKG, HMB, Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine, Beta-Alanine, EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) powder, Ascorbic acid, Alpha-tocopherol acetate, Niacin, Calcium pantothenate, Pyridoxine-5-phosphate, Riboflavin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Biotin, Retinol, Folic acid, Cholecalcipherol, Colourant (only in Strawberry variant): E124, Red beet powder, Chromium polynicotinate, Cyanocobalamin.

Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours
As a dietary supplement, start off by adding 3 level scoops to 375-450ml of cold water or full cream milk, and then move onto 6 level scoops with 750-900ml water/milk after a week.
Reviews (12)

"I've had great gains with this product over the past few months, used immediately after workouts or as a meal replacement on rest days, combined with a healthy, balanced diet. I use half-portions (150G, ~600 cals, 25g protein) to make the tub last longer. Wouldn't consider changing to another product."

Posted by Phil  (21st October 2014)


"Is a good supplement, only a supplement, don't do miracles but helps in gains. The taste "strowberry" is awesome.
I recommend it to all my students that want to get some gain"

Posted by Miguel Pereira  (2nd August 2013)


"tastes great (vanilla) really easy to drink the full serving, saw great gains, highly recommend it"

Posted by gary  (17th December 2012)


"Didn't no what to expect with this product but I was pleasantly suprised. I got great gainers without the bloating stomach or excess fat. I went from 71kg to 78kg while using this product (along with a good diet and training). I had strawberry and it tasted great, word of advice when using a shaker, shake and leave for 5 mins as this will allow it to fully dissolve and make it far easier to drink. overall top product!"

Posted by jonathon milliken  (20th November 2012)


"the serving on this are a bit crazy and i only did 1 shake a day. the next time i use this i will try 2 servings a day.
this has assisted me in gaining weight and maintaining it with a good diet so u can't just rely on this."

Posted by kelroy  (1st December 2011)

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Q Can I drink hyperbolic mass if I'm in a treatment of hiv

I would strongly advocate that you speak with your GP regarding this; though I cannot see any comprehensible reason why it would be harmful to your health and well-being to take said supplement, to reiterate the above, it is best that you seek confirmation from a medical professional prior to taking any sports nutrition supplements.

Q Could you plz give us some more info in how to use that stuff. On a training day: is it better to take before or after workout. How to take it on non training day. Should the servings be halved? Many thanks.

If you are not taking any other post work out supplement then take one full ( 3 scoops ) serving directly after your workout. This product can be used any time of the day or night. Best used in between meals but can be used in place of a meal if needed but ideally you should continue eating the same amount of food in addition to this product. please refer to manufactures directions of use on the product.

Q Hi guys I want to use this usn hyperbolic mass gain. Please advise me how many times a day should I take this supplement before a week and after a week as stated on the guidelines

Hi, It is advisable that you adhere closely to product guidelines for the best results. For Hyperbolic Mass, these are stated as follows: "As a dietary supplement, start off by adding 3 level scoops to 375-450ml of cold water or full cream milk, and then move onto 6 level scoops with 750-900ml water/milk after a week." It is recommended that you consume two-three servings daily, depending on your goal. For example, you could have a serving with breakfast (or mid-morning), then a serving post-workout (with an extra serving mid-afternoon if necessary). Though it is stated that three scoops equate to one serving, you may find that halving this (or splitting the scoops and having smaller servings throughout the day) is easier. After a week, you should be aiming to increase your servings to around double the quantity you had in the initial week. I hope you find the above information helpful.

Q Hi I'm 18 and I weigh 65kg,I was wondering when is it the best time to drink my hyperbolic mass and will it help me gain weight.

Hyperbolic Mass can help individuals to gain weight, especially if they find it difficult to do this via their daily meals alone, or struggle to eat all the calories necessary to gain weight. I would begin by taking two servings daily, perhaps mid-morning and post-exercise (if applicable, otherwise, mid-afternoon) in addition to three healthy, balanced meals. If you find you need to add an extra serving to your daily intake, this will become apparent if you are not gaining the weight you desire after a couple of weeks. Please remember that for best results, dietary supplements are designed to be used in conjunction with a sensible eating and exercise regime. I hope this information addresses your query.

Q How many servings should i take per day and when as i train 5 times a week.

If this is the only supplement you are taking that contains protein and carbs, then take one serving after training. You can have the other serving first thing in the morning or between meals. Some people adjust the serving size down a bit and use 3 servings daily but it depends upon your diet. One key is that you have to keep eating as much food or more than you did before to be sure of making gains!

Q How many times a day should I take my hyperbolic mass.

This will dependent upon a number of factors, including your body composition, the regularity/intensity of any exercise you are doing, the quality and consistency of your diet, as well as your individual goals. I would begin by taking two servings daily, perhaps mid-morning and one post-training, in addition to three healthy, balanced meals. If you find you need to add an extra serving to your daily intake, this will become apparent if you are not gaining the weight you desire after a couple of weeks. Please remember that for best results, dietary supplements are designed to be used in conjunction with a sensible eating and exercise regime.

Q i am 24 and just 64 killogram an so tall andslender.can hyperblic mass help me gain some fat/weight with outworking out. then i can start working out afte seeing some weight and how much quantity am i supposed to take per day and how much quantity in terms of grams is a scoup

Mass gainers are designed to increase your calorie intake via (mostly) a concentrated supply of protein and carbohydrates; they are helpful for those individuals who struggle to get adequate calories from food alone, or perhaps have a fast metabolism/are very active. Weight gainers are intended as supplements (or meal replacements for convenience), and should ideally be utilised in conjunction with sensible eating habits and regular exercise. I would advise gradually incorporating physical activity into your routine, until you cultivate a regime that suits your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Q I am 19, 5 ft 9 and weight 8 stone, I am looking to put on weight and build muscle at the same time I have a diet plan ready for when I go gym. Will this product help me gain weight?

Hello, I have since replied to your query via the email address provided.

Q i am 5feet and 7 inches and weigh about 62 kgs. i play the point guard position but feel like i need so extra size. wont this product make me too huge for the position.

The product is not likely to put stones on your in days or weeks, however it will help put on some good quality muscle mass if used with a good diet and exercise regime, your body will adapt to small increments in weight so you won't lose speed, its rapid weight gain that will slow you down and this won't be too fast as its a natural compound.

Q I am a 22yr old male, 6ft2, 70kg with a very fast metabolism. I have been using muscle fuel anabolic pre- and post-workout. I'm also mixing in some hyperbolic mass to give greater calories. Having read some previous questions, I've deduced that is perhaps best to be using either hyperbolic mass or muscle fuel anabolic post-workout, but I am unsure what I should be taking pre-workout.?? I also take the IGF whey protein before bed.

best to take muscle fuel anabolic around 60-90 min prior to training.

Q I am international hockey player and get drugs tested regularly.. is this product been cleaned through WADA etc and will it be okay for me to take ?

It is always recommendable that you present a list of ingredients to your superiors, as though it is unlikely that USN supplements will contain any banned substances, legislation can vary from country to country, so it is best to be cautious (there is in fact a statement included in the labelling for Hyperbolic Mass which recommends that you visit the USN website for more information with regards to prohibited substances in sport).

Q I have 6 months training and I need more muscles I started taking Hyperbolic yestday,how long will the changes take?

This will depend largely on the suitability and consistency of your training regime; adequate protein intake is indeed, important in supporting muscular development, but core results will occur predominantly through exercise – especially weight lifting. What protein can do (in addition to the above) is aid muscle recovery and repair, and facilitate the growth of new tissue. How quickly you achieve results will also depend upon your current physique and unique fitness goals. There is no definitive answer, I am afraid.

Q I have been reading that you should take 6 level scoops (50g each) which totals to 300g a serving , however i realised that 6 level scoops makes my protein shake very thick when i add water in . Is there a possibility that i can hve 150g 2 times a day so it equals up to 300g of the recommendation daily allowance? , because the shake doesnt state taking it twice a day .

Yes, you can separate your servings if this works better for you.

Q I take 1 serving a day with 2 scoops, will that make any progress cos i dont wanna take 3 scoops? im using anobolic at the moment.

This all depends on how many calories a day your body needs to gain weight. Try it for a week and if no difference increase the serving.

Q I train 3 times a week, afternoons only. When must I take the Hyperbolic supplyment?

Take immediately post workout and any time non training days.

Q i train 5 times a week should i drink it 5 times a week or 7days

For best results take this product daily. One serving should be right after training unless you are also using a specific post-workout supplement.

Q I'm looking to gain mass (muscle) without gaining too much fat, which would be better - this product (Hyperbolic) or Muscle Fuel Anabolic?

Either of these products will work similarly but with Hyperbolic you'll have to adjust the serving size depending upon your goals. How much fat you gain when mass building depends upon your genetics, training type, intensity and duration, and especially your diet. the main tip is to not gain too fast as then more gains are likely to be fat. With any gainer, you can taylor the serving size to your requirements. Aim to gain 1 or 2 kilos per week (more early on and less as you increase in weight). Start with 2 half servings daily and if you gain too fast, then cut back the serving size. Increase it if you are gaining too slowly.

Q Im 17, soon to be 18. Im a boxer wishing to gain muscle mass. I train weights 3 times a week and cardio the other 3 times. When should i take this supplement and how much should i take?

It is advisable that you take this supplement on training days, inclusive of your cardiovascular workouts, adhering to product guidelines where possible. These are stated as: "As a dietary supplement, start off by adding 3 level scoops to 375-450ml of cold water or full cream milk, and then move onto 6 level scoops with 750-900ml water/milk after a week." Provided you are following a healthy diet, coupled with your aforementioned training regime, you should begin to see results relatively rapidly, depending upon your current physique.

Q im 18, 5 ft 9 and weigh around 9 stone 2lbs and im starting the gym tomorrow. is this a good product to start on?

Yes, give it a go and see how you get on. expect to see noticeable differences after the 2nd tub.

Q Is this product exactly the same as Muscle Fuel Anabolic but with additional carbs and calories? What is different in the formula to Muscle Fuel Anabolic? Thanks

To be honest you have nailed it on the head. The formulations are pretty much identical and the only thing that differs is the higher carb and calorie content of Hyperbolic mass which then places it in the category of a weight gainer.

Q When and how much shall I take this. I have been using other brands of high calorie gainers for 6 weeks. I train 5 times a week at around 11am. I weigh 65kg

You should aim to take this supplement as directed, which is three level scoops, added to 375-450ml of cold water or milk daily, for one week. This can then be increased to six scoops daily, added to 750-900ml of water/milk thereafter. Servings can be separated if need be. You could choose to take Hyperbolic Mass after your workout.

Q Will USN hyperbolic mass cause to you To gain weight regardless of exercising at the gym

A weight gainer serves to provide a concentrated source of calories derived from carbohydrates, protein and some fats; they usually serve two purposes: to aid in building lean muscle tissue, or to help individuals gain weight who struggle to do this by diet alone. If your calorie intake is surplus to your body's energy requirements and you do not have a regular exercise routine set in place, then you will gain weight - in the form of body fat (mostly due to the high carbohydrate content of weight gainers). This is advantageous if you are perhaps considered underweight, and are wishing to increase your level of body fat. However, you will not gain lean muscle mass by taking this product alone; in order to do this, a combination of weight training with the correct intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats is necessary. Used in this way, a supplement such as the above will help to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue following exercise, aid recovery/repair, and encourage the storage of macronutrients essential for building muscle. I hope the above information assists with your query.

Q Would you recommend under 18's to use this product?

Ordinarily, I would not recommend that any persons under the age of eighteen take dietary supplements, because as an adolescent, your body is still growing and developing. However, if you are an extremely active individual, then depending on your current physique, it may well be that you would benefit from some sort of supplement. It will also depend on how far away you are from your eighteenth Birthday - if you are fifteen, I do not advocate that you take any supplement, but if you are seventeen and nine months, say, then it would be fine to do so. I would perhaps recommend USN Muscle Fuel Mass 2kg, £35.99, instead - this can be utilised as a a post-exercise recovery drink, or taken inbetween meals to maximise nutrient intake.

Q hi when is the best time to take the shake for the two serving.

Hi, Consuming a serving post-training is definitely advisable; the second serving can be taken to bridge any nutritional gaps, and/or with breakfast. Please remember that you can segregate servings if need be, i.e., halve your serving sizes to total four, if wanted. This is often a more effective, easier way of taking the recommended daily quantity of Hyperbolic Mass. 

Q Hi, I have read on various websites that hyperbolic mass and muscle fuel anabolic are very similar but the question of which one is the better option has never been answered, i can eat like a pig and still struggle to put on weight out of the two which one would you personally recommend please state one and the reason why. thanks

  Hi,   They are slightly different in terms of which product category they fall into, which is probably why it is difficult to give a definitive answer, as use of either will depend upon individual requirements.   Muscle Fuel Anabolic is an all-in-one supplement, which can be taken pre and post-training, and in between meals (if necessary). It is an excellent recovery product, and also contains creatine and a natural test-booster to enhance performance. If you are looking for ease of use, and do not wish to take a plethora of products, I would advise opting for Muscle Fuel Anabolic.   Hyperbolic Mass is a weight gainer which contains a high level of carbs. – ideal if you’re someone who struggles to gain/maintain weight without negatively impacting existing muscle mass.    So in answer to your question, the latter can increase your calorie/carb. intake significantly (it provides 220g per serving); the former is much lower in carbs. (78g), but is classified as an all-in-one as opposed to a weight gainer, which is why there is often discrepancy between the two; your goals, training regime and individual composition will dictate the more suitable product for you.    I hope this helps.  

Q Hi, I weigh around 58kg and around 5 "4. My goal is to hit 64kg. I find it difficult to put on weight. I train around 4 times a week and have about 3-4 meals a day. Could you tell me what the difference is between the hyperbolic gainer and anabolic? What would be your recommendation.

Hi Crys, Hyperbolic Mass is best if you have a really fast metabolism and aren't willing to increase your food intake enough to gain weight. If you need a moderate increase in calories, protein, etc, then go with Muscle Fuel Anabolic. Both have a combination of creatine and other muscle and strength aids.

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