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Grenade Thermo Detonator

44 Caps

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Grenade Thermo Detonator

100 Caps

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Grenade Thermo Detonator

Grenade Thermo Detonator is a weight-management product designed to “declare war on fat”!


Grenade Thermo Detonator is a weight-management product that combines perfectly with your high-protein, calorie controlled diet and exercise routine to “declare war on fat”!

Grenade Thermo Detonator combines the highest quality, maximum potency ingredients to help support a metabolic rate and a level of appetite that could naturally support fat metabolism and weight management. With a massive 500mg of Green Tea extract per serving, Grenade Thermo Detonator packs just about the biggest punch in the industry with regard to this proven ingredient. Carefully processed green tea extracts contain specific levels of molecules called “catechins” – these are chemical polyphenols that have been shown to have positive effects on body weight and measurements and to have strong antioxidant and health-supportive properties.

Of particular interest is the catechin “epigallocatechin gallate”, which has been extensively clinically studied in several scientific studies and is probably the most important legal, natural molecule in the war on fat!

Again, not scrimping on expensive, high-quality ingredients, Grenade Thermo Detonator delivers the highest Bitter Orange Powder levels of any major weight management product on the market! Why only use a sprinkling of effective ingredients, when you can deliver the goods with a proper dose? A full 420mg of Bitter Orange – also known as Citrus Aurantium, which naturally contains synephrine and octopamine – has been deployed. Most people who’ve been around the block know that this stuff packs a punch! Specifically, synephrine and octopamine have subtle effects on the hormone norepinephrine (among others) and this is believed to be the body’s most important hormone in support of fat oxidation (using fat for energy).

Caffeine Anhydrous has also been added, for its well-known ability to liberate fat from fat cells, further allowing its use as energy.

Cayenne is a specific form of hot pepper extract, which has a well-known and researched effect on the feeling of heat production in the body and the essential amino acid phenylalanine is added as it may support thyroid function to maintain metabolic activity. Finally, Green Coffee, due to its unique cross section of active constituents such as chlorogenic acid, could also support the weight management process.

This makes the Grenade Thermo Detonator formula just about as powerful as it can possibly be while maintaining its classification as a food supplement and without crossing the line into having significant drug-like effects. So if you want the highest and most potent dosages of the most important weight loss support ingredients all in one product, no product declares war on fat like Grenade Thermo Detonator!


Container Size: 44 Capsules
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 22

Container Size: 100 Capsules
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 50

Container Size: 12 x 4 Capsules
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 24

Amount Per Serving:

Green Tea: 500mg
Bitter Orange Powder: 420mg
Caffeine: 225mg
Cayenne: 200mg
Phenylalanine: 25mg
Green Coffee: 10mg

Other Ingredients:
Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin Capsule, (Purified Water, Colours: E133, E102 & E129), Titanium Dioxide.

Take 2 capsules with water on an empty stomach upon waking. Take 2 capsules 30 minutes prior to lunch with water. To assess tolerance, consume 1 capsule twice per day for the first 7 days. For an explosive workout, take 2 capsules prior to training. Drink at leat 8 glasses of water per day. DO NOT EXCEED 4 CAPSULES PER DAY.
Reviews (28)

"I was expecting some really bad side effects reading the reviews online. In all honesty i have had none. I have a little more energy and sweat alot more. I lost 5 pound in the first week and would reccomend these to any one."

Posted by Josh  (12th June 2018)


"gave up on these after a week, taste bad felt bad so just continued my regular training regime."

Posted by Sam Mellis  (4th September 2013)


"They work thats for sure! Lost a stone and gives you great focus and energy! Just wish that it didnt give me a burning sensation in my throat and stomach and sometimes sickness although i have eaten and drunk adequate amounts of water!! Shame really!!"

Posted by Chloe jones  (21st July 2013)


"I highly recommend for people NOT to buy this product! I have suffered with a burning sensation in the stomach straight away up after only swallowing one of the capsules! When taking two before a work out at the gym, I have felt giddy and out of breath, as well as the burning sensation again in my stomach!"

Posted by Lauren Jones  (22nd June 2013)


"Have lost a stone in 6 weeks with the help of this fat burner, and gained lean muscle as well! Amazing energy boost, no crash and suppresses appetite to stop me reaching for the biscuits!!"

Posted by Peter  (19th November 2012)

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Q are there any reasons why females shouldn't take these? - adverse hormone effects? and are they legal to take with me when i travel (airports etc)

There is no harm in females taking this product. You may be stopped at customs for obvious reasons “ITS SHAPED LIKE A GRENADE” As long as the container is sealed and a proof of purchase is present then you should be ok.

Q Can a 16 year old take this?

The label states not for use for persons under the age of 18.

Q Can I empty the powder out of the capsules and in to water?

We strongly advise you do not empty the contents of this product into water as some of the ingredients can have a very unpleasant taste and may even cause a burning sensation in the throat once swallowed.

Q can i take Grenade and EAS CLA PRO at the same time??

Yes. Both products can be used together.

Q Can i take Grenade durring my period time ...? is there any side effect ??

No it's just a thermogenic which will increase metabolism and help metabolise fat. You will be fine to take this during.

Q Can I take Grenade with L-carnatine and CLA

Yes, these stack well together.

Q can I take these capsules even in the days of my monthly cycle

Yes, that's fine.

Q Can i take these tablets with PVL Mutant Pump before a workout?

Yes you can as PUMP doesn't contain any stimulants however we recommend taking a serving of grenade separate as both products would work better alone.

Q Can I take this product with CLA and L-Carnatine

Yes, these are fine together

Q Can I use this with CLA? And will it be effective in weight loss and muscle gain together?

You cannot gain significant muscle mass and lose body fat simultaneously, as the two are opposing bodily processes. It is possible to improve muscle tone whilst you lose weight; indeed, research has suggested that CLA can assist this process by optimising body fat metabolism. Thermo Detonator contains various ingredients which can help to induce thermogenesis (raising body temperature and thus, metabolism), which will help to increase fat loss. These two types of supplements will therefore, work well when taken in conjunction with each other (provided you are eating healthily and exercising regularly). I hope this information assists with your query.

Q Do your grenade fat burners contain l-tyrosine and are they the capsules or tablets please?! Thanks :)

No they do not contain L-tyrosine and they come as capsules for easier absorption.

Q does this contain ephedrine?

To my knowledge - no. I have checked the list of ingredients and ephedrine does not appear to be a constituent of Thermo Detonator. I would advocate contacting Grenade directly if you require further clarification. Please use the link below:

Q does this have any side effects? am 17 year old would dis harm me in any way?

This product is recommended for people 18 and older so we can't endorse its use in a 17 year old.

Q Hi ! I am on Grenade and ON Gold Standard Whey. My goal is to loose weight (high protein-low carb diet). Which of these two I should take first thing in the morning?'s quite confusing for me Thanks, Alex

Take the grenade first and if you are not training take the ON Gold standard whey 10-15 minutes after.

Q Hi can I take thermo detonators with grenade test boosters and how should I be taking them??? Thanks

Hi, I would personally recommend taking Thermo Detonator initially, in conjunction with a sensible diet and the correct training regime, until you have reached your desired level of fat loss. I would then go on to taking AT4 as you work towards acquiring lean muscle mass. It is always advisable to take supplements according to the directions given on the products' label. I hope the above information answers your query.

Q hi can you still take grenades if u are trying for a baby ??, regards

An interesting question. Personally, I would not recommend taking them - owing to the levels of caffeine and other stimulants they contain, which may be detrimental to the health of a foetus (if pregnancy were to occur). Though evidence of this remains inconclusive, I would say that it is best to err on the side of caution and avoid taking such supplements. During the early stages of pregnancy, many women experience a natural aversion to coffee (they're often disgusted by its smell and taste, even if they usually find these pleasurable). It is believed one of the reasons for this is to deter the expectant mother from ingesting caffeine, which may be harmful to foetal development (studies have suggested). Thus, it would be a sensible, precautionary measure to avoid products with a high caffeine/stimulant content whilst trying to conceive, also. You may wish to try a stimulant-free fat burner instead, such as Sci-MX Pyro-MX Stimulant Free 100ct, £17.99. As always, it is advisable that you consult with your GP prior to taking any dietary supplements, and to raise any concerns you may have. I hope the above information addresses your query.

Q Hi can you take this suppliment with usn hyperbolic mass? thanks.

Yes, but it's a strange choice to use a weight gainer along with a product designed to burn fat and decrease appetite. You should seperate your traininig and eating/supplementing schedule into "gaining/bulking" phases and "cutting/fat loss" stages. Trying to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time doesn't work unless you are new to training or are on tons of steroids or something.

Q hi how long does one tub last?

25 days based on the full serving of 4 caps per day.

Q Hi i currently am taking phd lean degree tablets, and looking to change to these grenade ones...If i change to these, would i have to leave it a week before starting these? And would these go with the phd diet whey

These can be used in conjuction with PhD Diet Whey. Because PhD Lean Degree has no caffeine in you'd be ok to start straight away with the Grenades but we always recommend having a week to four weeks off before starting another fat burning product.

Q hi i was just wondering if its ok to drink alcohol while taking grenade?

We don't recommend taking Alcohol with any stimulant based products.

Q hi id just like to ask iv just been told to try grenade to help get rid of the excess 10 or so pound but do i have to train on them ? what foods would you reccomend i eat and is is advisable to pure whey protein supplement ? and how many would i take and for how long im really very new to all this many thanks

Fat burners help keep you feeling full, help transport fat out of the fat cells and increase your metabolic rate. However, your training and especially your diet are the keys to success. Just train doing a lot of sets and short rests between. Also, do high intensity cardio (look up HIT or HIIT, as it is most effective). For diet, increase your protein, try to eat up to 6 very small meals per day - each made mostly of protein - and cut the fat and especially the carbs until you are losing weight consistently. Grenade is an excellent fat burner and should be used before breakfast and before lunch (follow directions carefully). Sorry for the slow response due to essential maintenance

Q Hi im about to start on whey protein and celltech - creatine, are these two ok to take with grenade? as i want to bulk up and weight down ready for next years rugby season due to injury ?

In the first few months of training you may see changes in muscle size and definition simultaneously but it is generally very difficult to decrease body fat and build muscle at the same time. If you try to do so, you will likely fail at both. You need to decide which is more important – Losing body fat so you look more defined or gaining muscle. To gain muscle MASS you need to be eating a high calorie based diet which exceeds your daily intake of calories by around 500 -1000cal per day to start with. Gaining the extra weight will help you promote muscle growth so much faster than if you kept to a low cal diet. The idea of bodybuilding is to build yourself up to the size you want to be by consuming high amounts of complex carbs and healthy fats and then dieting down to lose the body fat by following a high protein low carb/fat diet. Gainers I use personally which I have found to help pack on some good quality mass are:- PVL Mutant Mass/ daily in between meals Gaspari – Real Mass/ daily in between meals Gaspari – Myofusion Protein/Morning,afternoon/night USPlabs – Jaked 3D/Pre workout Muscle Tech – Anator P70 Post workout To diet down I have found the following to be effective:- PHD - Pharma whey protein/daily protein in between meals Grenade Fat Burner/ Up to for capsules a day to help speed up calorie burning rate. Jacked 3D/ Pre Workout

Q Hi, I struggle to swallow large tablets. How big are they?

Not big at all. They're just about the smallest capsules available.

Q Hi, never used fat burners before but am leaning toward trying grenades, just had a question? is there any adverse effects to using these with protein shakes? either before or after workouts, i usually have a mid morning shake and 1 post workout, also, am i better to use them early in the morning before breakfast or 1/2 hour before a workout? thanks Dan

There's no problem using Protein and fat burners together - one is basically just a purified food and the other helps stop food cravings and increases your metabolic rate...they won't affect eachother and most people who use a fat burner also use a protein product. Start out by taking 1 capsule per serving for the first 5 days, then move up to the full 2-capsule serving. So one taken 30 minutes before breakfast and another serving 30 minutes before training. On non training days take a serving in the morning and before lunch.

Q Hi, are these capsules suitable for vegetarians?

No I believe the gelatin is from an animal source. I think the only major vegetable capsule fat burners are Nutrex Lipo-6 and Lipo-6 Black

Q Hi, Are these good to use alongside the Insanity workout & nutrition plan as thats what I am using them for to boost my fat loss, first time I am doing a programme like this, also can I take natural herbal sleeping pills not alongside but a good 6 hours after as these kept me awake all night last night as I was buzzing so much!! (Not used to caffeine as I never usually consume this!)

Grenade is desigend to decrease appetite and increase metabolic rate so it will improve the effects of any diet. As far as the sleeping pills, it is not known if this would be a problem or not, so you would have to make that decision yourself.

Q Hi, at them moment I am trying to gain mass but after a while, I will eventually want to keep the muscle mass I gained and just lose the fat. If Grenade energises your metabalism and decreases your apetite, would it be a good idea to use this product when trying to maintain muscle mass but lose fat?, Thanks

Definitely. Grenade is a fantastic formulated fat burner that is getting massive reviews for its effectiveness. Just be sure to increase your protein intake as more protein is needed to satisfy hunger and maintain a higher metabolic rate and muscle mass.

Q Hi, can I take Grenade along side BSN Cell mass?

Yes. Both products can be stacked together.

Q Hi, can i take Grenade Thermo Detonator with Pure Whey Protein Shake and L-glutamine. If so how am i to take them in order?

Hi, It is best that you closely adhere to product guidelines. For Thermo Detonator, these are: "Take 2 capsules with water on an empty stomach upon waking. Take 2 capsules 30 minutes prior to lunch with water. To assess tolerance, consume 1 capsule twice per day for the first 7 days. For an explosive workout, take 2 capsules prior to training. Drink at leat 8 glasses of water per day. DO NOT EXCEED 4 CAPSULES PER DAY." Whey protein supplements are usually best consumed in the morning with breakfast (or shortly before/after); within twenty-thirty minutes following exercise, and to bridge any nutritional gaps where applicable. L-Glutamine can be taken at any point during the day to facilitate muscle hydration, recovery, and to boost the immune system.

Q Hi, for ultimate weight loss what other product would you recommend to combine with grenade?

Some form of pure protein or diet whey protein would compliment grenade nicely as this will help preserve any muscle tissue and keep your body in an anabolic state.

Q hi, i am currently on Lamotrogine(50mg) for epilepsy. if i started to take Grenade would there b any side affects?

As I'm not a qualified physician, i cannot in good conscience advise you on this matter. I would suggest that you don't take it without contacting your doctor (although unfortunately, most doctors know very little about supplements and are often skeptical)/

Q Hi, I'm going on holiday for a week, 3 weeks into taking these, is it ok to stop them for a week, as I be drinking on the holiday too, and start again when back. Is this ok? And no side effects?

Hi (smiley face!), Yes, that is fine; in actual fact, I would not recommend that you take Thermo Detonator whilst drinking (especially if you are going to a hot country as you may risk becoming dehyrated). Have a wonderful holiday - simply resume your efforts on your return!

Q Hi, Im currently tking sida cordifolia at the same intervals (waking and before lunch) should i continue with this to as a potent atack or discontinue the sida?

The two together would be a very strong stack and these ingredients haven't been studied in combination, so no way of knowing if it would be safe. We recommend taking one or the other but not both together.

Q hi, iv'e read that i should take grenade in the morning should that be before breakfast? and can i have breakfast straight after taking it? also do i need to take it before i workout as i am currently taking a protein shake an hour prior to excersise?.

Take them first thing in the morning before breakfast and 1/2 hour before lunch. If you train at either of these times omit that dosage and take it 1/2 hour before a workout. Beware taking them within 5 hours of bedtime if you traing at night though. You can take them up to 4 hours before training if necessary and you will still experience an energy boost.

Q Hi, just wondering if you can take these in conjunction with syntha-6 protein Thanks, Alex

Hi, You can indeed.

Q hi. i am a vegetarian, so i am wondering if this is suitable for me too. thanks.

Unfortunately Grenade uses gelatine capsules which are not suitable for vegetarians.

Q Hi...i currently take mutant rage before i go to the gym...can i still take this with grenade?

They both contain stimulants so be careful when you combine both, if you are not sensitive to stimulants you may be ok with combining both however it's not something we recommend. If you were to take the grenade 4 hours apart from mutant rage, that would be fine. Try and leave a 4 hour gap between having multiple dosages of stimulants.

Q How long do I leave once I've taken them before breakfast till I eat my breakfast. And I go on holiday in a month so was wondering should I take cla to speed up fat loss.And what should my diet look like?

15-30 minutes before breakfast, yeah CLA capsules would help speed up fat loss by way of utilising fat for energy. 5-7 small meals per day, high protein meals along with healthy fats (MCT oil, avocado or almonds) low carbs throughout the day to encourage fat metabolism.

Q i am currently taking gat jetmass -post train, and nutrexx mass xplosion for during traning , would this supplument be compatible with these also would like to take usn anabolic as my protene source ? aany ideas

If the Jetmass contains stimulants, you will want to be careful to not take them too close together if you are sensitive to stimulants. Grenade is a fantastic fat burner but needs to used along with a calorie controlled diet. Muscle fuel anabolic is one ofthe best all in one's on the market but is used more by people who want to gain weight and increase size and strength. PHD Synergy ISO7 is also a fantastic all in one but had alot less calories per serving so you may be better off with this as your post work out supplement.

Q i am currently taking superpump250 pre workout, am i ok to take grenade with this? would you recomend only taking 1 serving of grendade per day?

We would not recommend using both products together as they both contain high levels of caffeine. On training days use Super pump as your pre-work product.

Q I am looking to get rid of the thin bit of fat around my abs and generally tone up and get marginally bigger. Will the grenade be suited to this (with cardio and resistance) or am i looking at the wrong type of products? also is it ok to combine with Maximuscle Cyclone or would you suggest other products? Thanks for your help.

That perfect, you can combine this with both products as Cyclone is a lowish calorie shake designed to increase muscle mass/preserve muscle mass and Grenade fat burners can be used to stimulate the burning of fat.

Q I have had a kidney transplant.Do you think this supplement would be safe to take?

Best to contact your GP

Q I understand some fat burners block fat intake into the body, does taking a fat burner such as grenade adversly affect the usage of good fat and oil supplements such as omega oils and pills etc?

Only a few fat supplements block fat intake as this is a somewhat problematic approach to weight loss. Grenade won't affect your intake or absorption of good fats, etc

Q I usually have maxi muscle pro max diet shake for breakfast can I take the grenade capsule aswell or is it best to have one or the other? Thanks

Grenade states that you should not use it in combination with other caffeine-containing products. Both products contain caffeine and other stimulants, so this could make you jittery or have other unwanted effects depending upon your sensitivity to caffeine. Combine these products at your own risk as we always advise using products according to the suggested guidelines on the package.

Q i want to get ripped but aslo want to gain mass for the summer i have little fat on me i just want to be defined and big aswell can u surgest the best products for this ? many thanks

Firstly I think you will find that 90% of males all want to build muscle and loose fat. In the first few months of training you may see changes in muscle size and definition but it is not possible to decrease body fat and build muscle at the same time. You need to decide which is more important – Losing body fat so you look more defined or gaining good hard earned muscle. To gain muscle MASS you need to be eating a high calorie based diet which exceeds your daily intake of calories by around 500 -1000cal per day to start with. Gaining the extra weight will help you promote muscle growth so much faster than if you kept to a low cal diet. The idea of bodybuilding is to build yourself up to the size you want to be by consuming high amounts of complex carbs and healthy fats and then dieting down to lose the body fat by following a high protein low carb/fat diet. Gainers I use personally which I have found to help pack on some good quality mass are:- PVL Mutant Mass/ daily in between meals Gaspari – Real Mass/ daily in between meals Gaspari – Myofusion Protein/Morning,afternoon/night USPlabs – Jaked 3D/Pre workout Muscle Tech – Anator P70 Post workout To diet down I have found the following to be effective:- PHD - Pharma whey protein/daily protein in between meals Grenade Fat Burner/ Up to for capsules a day to help speed up calorie burning rate. Jacked 3D/ Pre Workout

Q i want to join the raf, would taking these pills harm my chance in anyway seeing as they have a strict drug policy.

It depends upon their drug testing protocol. This product contains natural synephrine and some testing could mistake this for an illegal stimulant. You're best off cutting and pasting the ingredients and showing them to the people who do the testing to be sure.

Q I want to shed around 20 pounds of weight, would you recommend taking this? with my work out plan? My last question is does this stuff harm male genitals?

All fat burners are designed to speed up the rate of which you burn calories and no, Grenade dose not harm the male genitals.

Q I'm currently taking BSN True Mass after training to bulk up for rugby. Could I use this to help lose fat at the same time?

Grenade is a highly effective fat burner but unless you're new to training or have embarked on a more productive exercise routine, it is very difficult to gain muscle whilst losing fat at the same time. It may allow you to gain less fat but generally you need more calories for muscle gain and fewer for muscle loss. So gain your muscle first and then shed the fat at a later time.

Q If I was to take these, then feel I do not want to or my workout changes and I do not need to take them anymore, are there steps that I would have to take to stop taking them, or can I just stop instantly?

If you are taking the full serving on a regular basis then some people may half the serving size for a few days and then come off but there is no harm in just stopping instantly if feeling the need to do so.

Q Im recently takin stealth to pack on the mass but only want lean gains not fat, cud I stack stealth wid grenades or wud I be better off using cla's.

You can't force your body to just put on lean mass - that's why it's called "bulking". You have to accept that to put on muscle, you'll gain some fat. At some point you'll have to decide when you want to shed the fat. Grenade with decrease your appetite and increase your calorie burining so will make it very difficult to take on the extra calories needed to gain muscle! It's good for helping you hold onto muscle when dieting though!

Q im taking scientific anabolic lean muscle gainer. can i take grenade at the same time?

Grenade can be used along side any protein shake but would not recommend using along side a high calorie based protein shake as the idea is to decrease body fat which means a decrease in calories is needed.

Q Is it safe to take if you have epilepsy?

I have since replied to your query via the email address provided.

Q Is there any major risk to taking these pills (Grenade)

We recommend you take as instructed by the manufacture. There are no known side effects to this product but we will advise that there is a large amount of caffeine in a serving of grenade so do not take within 4hrs of sleep.

Q Is this supplement ok to use for a natural bodybuilder? I heard it contains ephedra or ephedrine, is that true?

The new formula just contains fat burning ingredients with caffeine as the stimulant, it's fine to use for a natural body builder but always check with the federation to ensure it is not on their list of banned products.

Q thanks for your reply to my last question, I have one more quick question, you say its fine to take with Cellmass, will grenade just burn body fat, and not muscule as I dont want to lose to much weight, just body fat, im trying to bulk up? thanks

Fat burners generally help you hold onto more lean mass (muscle) as you diet and burn a higher percent of fat because they release fat from fat stores in the body and therefore have less requirement for or access to protein and amino acids.

Q this has Phenylalanine isnt that bad for you? i mean am scared of buying it.. please tell me would this harm me in any way?

Phenylalanine is an amino acid found naturally in the diet. There is no concern with regard to taking this amount of it. There is a very rare genetic disease called "Phenylketonuria" and sufferers can't eat phenylalanine but you'd know it if you had it, so don't be concerned.

Q What is better, this or Hydroxycut Hardcore X?? 8 weeks left of my cut and Animal Cuts didnt do the job well enough

I can't say which one is going to work best for you, as everyone reacts differently to different products. However, Hydroxycut Hardcore is one of the best-selling fat burners in the world pretty much but Grenade has had the biggest increase in sales since it came out only a year ago and is now the most popular fat burner in the UK, so it's riding a pretty incredible wave of success!

Q What is the best product to take with Grenade. Would it be a CLA product?

Grenade is designed to be taken by itself but you can stack CLA, L-Carnatine if you wish.

Q What is the difference between this and Hydroxycuts?

Grenade is known as one of, it not the most popular selling fat burner on the UK market. Grenade's main ingredient "bitter orange peel", which is a natural source of synephrine and has been shown to help increase weight lose and suppress appetite a lot more effectively than standard formulated fat burners.

Q which suppliments should you avoid when taking grenade capsules.

If you are taking a pre-workout product, just ensure to skip or adjust your serving of grenade so that you take them at least 4 hours apart - especially if you are sensitive to stimulants or caffeine. Most other products should be fine.

Q Will Grenades cause heart attacks because ive checked out other websites and they suggest that it does because of all the stiumlants it contains, and on the grenades website it doesnt say anything about heart attacks or heart problems. These websites also say that you should take phen fat burners instead. I'm taking grenades at the moment and feeling great, but I am abit can you drink coffee and tea once grenade is been in your system for more tha 4-5 hours ?

The stimulant that Grenade contains is Caffeine which can increase heart rate, so in that instance it is not good to take more than one dose of caffeine (around 200mg) within a 4-6 hour time period.

Q hi inbetween taking packs of grenades do you have to have a break say 2 weeks or are they ok to keep taking over the space of a year constantly

Some expert opinions suggest that employing a one or two day break (each week) from taking stimulant fat-burners such as Thermo Detonator, prevents the body from becoming accustomed to this level of caffeine/other key ingredients, and this is thought to help improve its efficacy. If this is somthing you wish to try, it is fine to do so.  It is advisable that you take stimulant fat-burners on a short-term basis, over the period of time it requires for you to lose your desired body fat. There are no 'set' rules, necessarily - it's important that you pay careful attention to your body and your well-being, and how this is reflected in your results. I hope this helps to address your query. 

Q I take thyroxine can I still take grenade

Grenade contains stimulants which may affect how your thyroxine works, so we would advise not to take any supplements without consulting your doctor. Unfortunately, he/she probably won't have any clue about supplements but better safe than sorry.

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