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Cura Sporebiotics from Cura Nutrition (formerly sold as Just Thrive Probiotic in the UK), is the next generation of probiotic/active bacteria supplement. It contains a proprietary blend of 3 key strains of Bacillus spores – nature’s own design for a true probiotic.
CuraZyme™ Ultra is a potent enzyme formula with 13 specialised enzymes, each one carefully selected for its unique ability to break down different types of food ingredients.  Ax-Max500™, the proprietary enzyme accelerator, is added to significantly speed up and increase the potency of the digestive enzymes. CuraZyme Ultra is ideal for taking with difficult-to-digest meals.
CuraZyme™ Vital is a specialised blend of 10 pharmaceutical-grade digestive enzymes utilising MCT as an accelerator. Alongside the key CuraBlend ingredients, the MCT accelerator not only helps this gentle enzyme formula significantly speed up, but it also increases the potency of the digestive enzymes.
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