Meal Replacements

Meal replacement supplements are convenient and nutritionally balanced options for those on the go or looking to meet their calorific and macro-nutrient requirements. Whether you're too busy to prepare a meal or trying to achieve weight gain or loss goals, meal replacement shakes can provide a quick and convenient alternative to traditional meals.  For those looking to drop weight, often meal replacements are used as a substitute for a regular meal whilst for weight trainers and athletes they more often serve as additional meals to ensure enough calories, protein and carbohydrates are being consumed to achieve gains in muscle mass or to support sports performance.

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CNP MR is a high protein meal replacement product based on CNP's own unique premium blend of proteins, including low temperature processed Micellar Casein and Native Whey.

The Pro MR formula was developed to provide all the amino acids, protein fractions, and peptides desirable to athletes and those looking to improve the quality of their nutrition intake. Combined with complex carbohydrates with a comprehensive list of vitamins and minerals.
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