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Beast Pharm BIG Z is an advanced nighttime formula, designed to reduce tiredness and fatigue and improve cognitive and physical function. Premium ingredients all rolled into one convenient supplement to take just before you go to sleep.
90 Capsules
Switch Off, from Brain Gains, was designed to help you acheive a deeper more restful nights sleep whilst adding further to the benefits of brain functions, like memory, creativity, mood and motivation.

Switch Off may help you refuel and repair whilst sleeping in preparation for the following day by ensuring your brain and body stays topped up with what it needs to perform at optimum levels.
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NaughtyBoy® Sleep is a natural way to help sleep onset, duration, and quality. Getting a full night of restful sleep is absolutely fundamental for physical recovery, mental recovery and emotional recovery too.

By choosing to use NaughtyBoy® Sleep, you are choosing to recover better in all of these domains. Not only did our team formulate NaughtyBoy® Sleep to help with sleep quality, but they also included ingredients such as Glycine at 3000mg as supplementation with Glycine appears to reduce fatigue in the morning too.
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