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60 Capsules
Chaos Crew Chaos Cutz is a high stimulant fat burning formula containing a selection of ingredients that may promote improved energy, mental altertness/focus and weight management.
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60 Tablets
Why Choose BlackBombs?

BlackBombs tablets are convenient, appropriately dosed and contain evidence-based ingredients. They contain a perfect balance of ingredients for an increased thermogenic effect.
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Cosmic Blast
Gummy Snake
Kiwi Strawberry
Proton Plasma
Slimer Lime
Strawberry Margarita
Voodoo Blackberry
Wild Melon
Achieve your goals with the EHP Labs OxyShred scientifically researched formula containing ingredients intended to help aid with body composition goals, support immunity and provide a natural energy boost. Oxyshred Ultra Concentration comes in delicious flavours for all tastes, and ticks all the boxes for those wanting to shred and reach their full potential!
Poison Apple
Cali Cola
Watermelon Candy
Not for the faint-hearted, EPH Labs Oxyshred Hardcore has been formulated using scientifically researched ingredients shown to promote razor sharp focus, off-chart performance and dialled-up energy to get you moving and shredding.
Honeydew Melon
Strawberry Sunrise

EHP Labs Oxyshred Non-Stim Ultra Concentration has been designed for anyone with a caffeine or stimulant intolerance, but still ticks all the boxes for those wanting to shred and reach their full potential!

OxyShred Non-Stim has evolved from the world-leading OxyShred Ultra Concentration and has been developed for late night trainers or anyone with a caffeine sensitivity.

100 Capsules
Grenade Black Ops is an elite weight management system developed by the multi award winning R&D team at Grenade and has a unique stimulatory effect, designed to enhance mental and physical performance. Predominantly aimed at male users, Black Ops has a shorter duration of action than the original Grenade Thermo Detonator making it ideal for focused HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions and for training later in the afternoon or early evening. How it worksWhen you try to solve a complex problem like getting rid of unsightly body fat, you can't just come at it from just one angle. The body constantly adapts to changes in one or two metabolic pathways.So you have to consider all of the angles. That's what the Grenade Research Team has done with Black Ops.
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100 Capsules
Arm yourself with Grenade Thermo Detonator, a multi-award-winning formula designed to enhance energy and boost metabolism. It is the motivation and the drive to get you where you need to be! This powerful supplement equips you to ‘Get Shit Done,’ ensuring you have enough in your tank to power through your day.
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30 Svgs
Blue Raspberry
Blood Orange
Fruit Punch
Dark Grape
Raspberry Lemonade
Razor Lime
Watermelon Candy
A full strength, fast acting powder formula, The Ripper! is a full strength, fast acting fat burning powder formula featuring a concentrated blend of thermogenic ingredients.
90 Capsules
Maxi Nutrition Thermobol (formerly Maximuscle Thermobol) is a unique fat metaboliser that has been scientifically formulate to support your lean muscle goals. Make sure your supplements work as hard as you do. Thermobol provides the energising effects of caffeine with specific vitamins and chromium to support your training goals.
75 Capsules
The Drip capsule is a thermogenic beast loaded with a fully transparent panel of ingredients, including six patented ingredients. The Drip capsule was formulated to specifically target two areas, EXTREME Thermogenesis and long lasting energy.

The Drip capsule contains some of the highest dosed thermogenic ingredients seen anywhere worldwide including 225mg Grains of Paradise, 100mg of Capsimax® and 500mg of MITOBURN®.

The Drip capsule can be a creeper so tread carefully and please assess your tolerance first.
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