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High Quality Ab Mat Cushion - Made from high density foam with a PVC leather cover, our abdominal mat allows more effective performance of sit ups and crunches for the purpose of improving abdominal muscle tone.
Fortitude Sports Barbell Squat Pad is a 45cm x 10cm foam sleeve for placing onto any standard or olympic barbell. The 3.5cm thick foam provides an effective cushion which is especially useful for relieving/decreasing neck pressure during exercises like barbell squats and lunges where the bar rests on the neck and shoulders or for hip thrusts.
Fortitude Sports Tricep Rope for cable exercise machines is a heavy duty, 70cm long two strand nylon rope with rubber ends for a comfortable grip. It can be used as a convenient cable attachment for exercise equipment such as lat pull down and cable crossover machines.
Fortitude Sports Mini Yoga Ball is a high quality, durable, inflatable soft pilates ball made with thick PVC that is anti-burst, easy to inflate, non-slip and highly versatile. You can use it at home for core workouts as a core balance ball, or for physio exercises, or you can take it to the gym for yoga or pilates classes. It's a great small gym ball for building a strong core, increasing balance/stability or for physical therapy ball exercises.
Fortitude Sports Dharma Yoga Wheel is made from very durable and strong high quality material. The inner ring is composed of high strength ABS plastic for maximum strength and weight bearing whilst the outer ring is made from comfortable, soft non-slip and sweat resistance TPE rubber foam. 13cm wide by 33cm in diameter, our yoga wheels are commonly used for a variety of yoga poses and stretches (such as backbends).
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