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EHP Labs are a leading sports nutrition brand that founded with the goal of empowering people to achieve their fitness goals and live healthier lives.  Their flagship product is Oxyshred - a unique thermogenic and energy boosting formula that fuels workouts and dietary goals worldwide . EHP Labs also offer a range of other high-quality supplements, including pre-workouts, protein powders, and BCAAs

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EHPlabs Crea-8 is one of the most well-formulated, cleanest creatine supplements available, with NO stimulants, sugar, carbs or fillers. Additionally, Crea-8 is HPLC tested, and highly bioavailable for optimal absorption. Each 500g tub contains one hundred 5g servings of pure creatine monohydrate.
£24.95 £29.99
Introducing the EHP Labs Electric Shaker, your new favourite portable drink mixer. Embrace a new level of convenience and efficiency while you watch the Electric Shaker effortlessly mix and blend your favourite EHP Labs supplements anytime, anywhere.
EHP Labs OxyGreens is a game-changing super greens powder that contains essential nutrients delivered with an AMAZING taste!

OxyGreens is the best greens powder on the market, suitable for everyone who wants to improve their nutrition, but struggles with their fruit and vegetable intake. Unlike most greens powders on the market, OxyGreens is also the best tasting greens powder and is the first of its kind to have no grassy or bitter after taste.
Achieve your goals with the EHP Labs OxyShred scientifically researched formula containing ingredients intended to help aid with body composition goals, support immunity and provide a natural energy boost. Oxyshred Ultra Concentration comes in delicious flavours for all tastes, and ticks all the boxes for those wanting to shred and reach their full potential!
EHP Labs Oxyshred Hardcore has been formulated using scientifically researched ingredients shown to promote razor sharp focus, off the chart workouts and dialled-up energy to get you moving and shredding.

EHP Labs Oxyshred Non-Stim Ultra Concentration has been designed for anyone with a reason or preference not to use caffeine/stimulants, but still ticks all the boxes for those wanting to shred and reach their full potential!

OxyShred Non-Stim has evolved from the world-leading OxyShred Ultra Concentration and has been developed for late night trainers or anyone wanting to avoid caffeine.

PRIDE is the most advanced pre-workout; containing Pentaffeineᵀᴹ 5-stage energy that will leave you feeling energised without a crash. PRIDE has been made using the highest quality ingredients shown to increase strength and help optimise all types of aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

EHP Labs PRIDE is the KING of pre-workout powders for a reason - it contains a unique blend of ingredients, including the 9 essential amino acids to assist with strength, mood and muscle recovery. Utilising PRIDE as a pre-workout drink may help you break through exercise fatigue, train harder for longer, and ensure each workout is completed with maximised performance. 
The EHPlabs X Ghostbusters™ Slimer Shaker is here to make your fitness journey a little spookier and a lot more fun. With a leak-proof design and a secure screw-on lid, you can take it anywhere without worrying about messes. The flip cap ensures easy access, making it a convenient and reliable companion for your fitness routines. Don't miss the chance to own this limited-edition collaboration between EHPlabs and Ghostbusters™. The Slimer Shaker is the perfect blend of style, functionality, and fandom. It's your ticket to infusing a bit of the paranormal into your fitness journey. 
Introducing the EHPlabs X Ghostbusters™ Icy Insulated Shaker - the ultimate fusion of style and function. Designed for fitness enthusiasts and Ghostbusters fans alike, this shaker features iconic Ghostbusters branding alongside EHPlabs' commitment to quality.

Crafted with premium-grade materials, the Icy Insulated Shaker keeps your beverages cold for longer, ensuring your pre-workout, protein shakes, or any other beverage stays refreshingly chilled.
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